Sunday Metal – Overkill

Overkill, Live at Metal Hammer (1986)


Sunday Metal – Exodus (proto-Metallica)

Supposedly a demo, but seems a live recording, of Exodus. Check out “Die by his Hand”… you Metallica fans will likely recognize the riff. Kirk’s still in Exodus at this point and it’s his riff…


Sunday Metal – Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister, live in 1982 – back when they were dangerous.

Sunday Metal – Whitesnake

Cool full-concert footage of Whitesnake from 1983 (looks to be in support of “Saints & Sinners”) – before the big hair-metal explosion, basically when he was still channeling Deep Purple. And check out Jon Lord on keyboards.

My favorite is the original “Here I Go I Again” vs. the later “hit” version… “hobo” being updated to “drifter”. I don’t know why, but I always found that lyrical change funny… “hobo” isn’t as cool as “drifter”. 🙂

Sunday Metal – Power Trip

Power Trip, from Moshfest 2011. Looks like it was recorded in someone’s basement or garage or something.

Very cool early capture of Power Trip.

Sunday Metal – Dead Boys

Sunday Metal – Slayer (early rehearsal)

A recording of a Slayer rehearsal, from probably around “Hell Awaits” given the songs they’re practicing.

Sunday Metal – Slayer (demo)

This is pretty neat.

Sounds like one of Jeff’s demo tapes (he would often 4-track with a drum machine to work out songs). Looks like the stuff that would become “Reign in Blood”

Sunday Metal – Cro-Mags

In 2001, John and Harley reunited. Here’s some songs from that performance:

Sunday Metal – Cro-Mags

Cro-Mags, 1987 performance from L’Amour