Sunday Metal – Scorpions

More Scorpions. This time a soundcheck from 1982.

Sunday Metal – Scorpions

This is pretty cool. Scorpions, performing “Still Loving You” (one of my favorite songs by them) on “Peters Popshow” November 1985.

Seems very lip synced (or maybe dubbed), because it sounds just like the record. Still tho…

Sunday Metal – Obituary

Obituary’s full set from Bloodstock 2017

Sunday Metal – Venom

Venom. Full concert from 1985.

Sunday Metal – KISS

More old school footage of KISS, from Winterland, January 31, 1975.

This contains “Black Diamond” and “Cold Gin”

THIS is what made KISS awesome.

Sunday Metal – KISS

OLD school footage of KISS, from Winterland, January 31, 1975.

Deuce, Strutter, Got to Choose.

THIS is what made KISS awesome.

Sunday Metal – Florida Thrash ‘Til Death

A cool mini-documentary about the early days (1990’s) of the Florida Death Metal scene.

Sunday Metal – The Coup de Grace

The Coup de Grace… their 1988 demo.

Loved their debut album, so finding their demo is a gem!

What is Good Enough?

We all want to know…

What is good enough?

Am I smart enough?

Am I strong enough?

Am I capable enough?

Am I able to do what needs to be done? To achieve the thing I wish to achieve?

I can’t answer that for you.

And I’m not sure anyone really can provide a single concrete answer.

For me in my world – where I like to lift weights – what is “strong enough”? There are strength standards. And more thoughts. And other thoughts. And if you search around, you’ll find even more. But look at their bias. Do they consider sex/gender (because that matters)? Do they consider age? Do they consider capabilities (e.g., someone with one arm)?

It’s good to have some indications like these, because they help us understand what is at least possible. To go from zero to world records, that gives us the continuum of what’s possible in the realm of human capability. But we all know that world records are outliers, people with a particular gift to go along with work ethic and time invested. So still, along that continuum, where can we go?

I know a cop who is a large mammal – almost gorilla-like strength. His physical strength was a huge asset in his job. But then, he couldn’t run a foot pursuit worth a damn. He worked to be able to run well, but lost so much strength. Today he’s found a medium between the two. So do these standards consider context? do they consider situation and need?

My chief profession is a software developer. As an iOS developer, my world is narrow in a sense, but one can go quite deep within it. I see web developers, and the vast choice of technologies and approach one can take is staggering. How many languages, how many platforms, how deep, how broad – what makes one a top developer?

Or how about another part of my world, with defensive pistolcraft.  Karl and I may have spoken and written about “Top 10 Drills”, but when you think about it each one of those is a particular standard. And there are so many more. What makes this one a better standard? Which one really qualifies you as “good enough”?

I was teaching this past weekend, and this topic came up. What is “good enough”? What is “sufficient”? It doesn’t really matter the context in life, it’s a general topic that applies to anything.

And all I could think of as a good and acceptable rule?

Just be better today than you were yesterday.

Sunday Metal – Mötley Crüe

Mötley Crüe – live from 1990 in Weedsport, NY.

This was the Dr. Feelgood tour. I saw this show, at the Capital Centre in Landover, MD.