Slight adjustments

I’m entering meso 2-3. I’m seeing what is working and what is not. It’s good to explore the new equipment: some is useful, some not as much, some is great.


Love the hack squat. I suck at it, and only one way to not suck at it…

I like the Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Row (plate-loaded) – good strong, stable, general row (I am using top-handles, pronated grip).

I do like how the HS calf machines have angled footrest because I don’t have to readjust my footing.

There’s something about the HS Iso-Lateral Leg Extension that is great – I think it’s where the weight is in the path/curve, especially at extension for the squeeze.


Some of the press machines don’t line up well for me. I keep playing around with placements and settings.

I don’t feel I’m getting much from the machine preacher curls.

Cable Y-raises don’t seem to be doing much for my delts.


I’m going to keep meso 2-3 as written, adding in some intensity techniques. Any changes will come in 3-1.

Upper A: Push emphasis. Keep HS IL Shoulder Press (so long as my shoulders are ok with it). Probably drop the HS Iso-Lateral Incline Press in favor of 30º barbell inclines. I want to get some chest work, but I have to remember I’m wanting to bias delts more in this macrocycle. Drop cable y’s in favor of the incline db y’s – those I seemed to respond to well. Then swap the heavy HS IL Row today for the HS selectorized row (from Upper B day) for 3×8-12.

Lower A: no real change, as I think it’s working well. Hacks are death. I love the leg extension machine.

Upper B: pull emphasis. Make the HS IL Row the opener heavy movement (instead of the selectorized, which is moved to Upper A as mentioned above). I wonder if I switch to a really light but squeezy db preacher curl if that might be fun (instead of the machine preacher). Iso-Lateral Wide Chest is fun.

Lower B: TBD based on how my body is feeling.

So, not huge changes really. I just am finding where things lie and how stuff works for me.

Also, finding allowances and flow for the new gym.