Sunday Metal – Sepultura

Sepultura “Refuse/Resist”

Sunday Metal – Manowar

Manowar! “Warriors of the World United” from 2015’s Monsters of Rock Brazil

Sunday Metal – Metallica, with Lemmy

A very cool video of Metallica playing “Damage Case” & “Too Late Too Late” with Lemmy.

Sunday Metal – Marilyn Manson & Rammstein

Marilyn Manson, with Rammstein backing him up on “The Beautiful People”, from 2012

Sunday Metal – Rammstein

Rammstein. “Du Hasst”. From Moscow, June 2016

Sunday Metal – Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath performing “War Pigs” from their “The End” video/tour.

Sunday Metal – Metallica (well, Robert Trujillo)

More Robert Trujillo.

This is “Call of Kutulu” from Copenhagen, February 2017

Sunday Metal – Metallica

Metallica – Orion. Berlin, June 2006.

Sunday Metal – Pantera

Old footage from 1991 of a live Pantera performance.

Sunday Metal – Motörhead

An interesting performance from Motörhead… 1987, some French TV show. And… it’s a faked performance.

Go figure. 🙂