Sunday Metal – KISS

Another complete show from KISS – this is from the Animalize tour in 1985.

Sunday Metal – KISS

KISS – a complete live performance from 1992. Looks to be from the Unholy tour. I like the set list.

Sunday Metal – Rage Against the Machine

This is cool. Supposedly the first public performance of Rage Against the Machine, October 23, 1991 at Cal State North Ridge.

Early versions of the songs that would go on to define them.

And watch the crowd grow during the performance…

Sunday Metal – Newsted

It’s a shame Jason Newsted’s solo project came and went so quickly. Here’s “King of the Underdogs”

Sunday Metal – Judas Priest

Judas Priest, with a cover I think is better than the original: “The Green Manalishi (with the Two-Pronged Crown). And bonus Rob working up the crowd like no other frontman can.

Sunday Metal – Sleep

Sleep, with the classic “Dragonaut”

Sunday Metal – Weedeater

Weedeater, with “God Luck & Good Speed”

Sunday Metal – Electric Wizard

Electric Wizard, performing “Funeralopolis”

Sunday Metal – Dio

Dio. Live in 1986.

Phenomenal performance. But then… it’s Dio.

Sunday Metal – Motorpsycho

In last Sunday’s Sunday Metal, Dave Mustaine was wearing a Motorpsycho t-shirt.

I remember this band’s album, “Wrenched”, came out about 1992. I was working in college radio at the time at WXJM. It was an OK album, with some fun aggro tracks such as:

“Scared for Life”

“Fuck it Up”


“Hatebox” always stuck in my head… rather, the ending of it, the spoken word: “It’s hatred… it’s the only thing that lasts…”