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PS. Sunday Metal will never die. 🤘

Sunday Metal – Betty Blowtorch

Man… I had forgotten about Betty Blowtorch. Punk rock with an LA flair.

This is a cool video of an in-store promotional concert and signing from August 2001.

Sunday Metal – Riot Brides

Riot Brides I think only made 1 EP, but it was pretty kickin’.

This is “Bring You Down”

Sunday Metal – Slunt

It’s a shame Slunt didn’t become a bigger band. They had the look, the raw attitude, and  songs.

This is apparently the original video for “The Best Thing”

If this ain’t rock-n-roll, I don’t know what is.

Sunday Metal – Rockumentary: Death Metal

From 1993, a rockumentary on Death Metal:

The bouncer/security dude at the opening? He gets it.

Sunday Metal – MTV Rockumentary: the History of Heavy Metal

From 1991, an MTV-produced rockumentary on the history of heavy metal (to that point).

Sunday Metal – 80’s Metal

A segment from MTV’s “It Came from the 80’s” about 80’s metal (especially the “pop/hair” metal aspect).

Sunday Metal – Scorpions

Scorpions “Still Loving You”, August 31, 1985, Oakland.

One thing I appreciated about Scorpions was their ballads were composed different from the times. It wasn’t just box chord progressions.

Sunday Metal – Gojira

Rather amusing. Gojira at Resurrection Fest in 2014… trying to orchestrate a Wall of Death. LOL

Sunday Metal – Five Finger Death Punch

This is cool.

Five Finger Death Punch in Clarkston, MI, 2018. Full show.

Very cool mid-part during “Remember Everything”… Ivan brings a bunch of kids on stage to sing with him. It’s very heartfelt and cool – you could see in Ivan’s eyes that he sincerely wanted to make it a lifetime memory for those kids. I’m pretty sure he succeeded. 🙂

I don’t really get all the hate people give 5FDP.

Sunday Metal – Dio

From 1986, Dio.