Sunday Metal – Rockumentary: Death Metal

From 1993, a rockumentary on Death Metal:

The bouncer/security dude at the opening? He gets it.

Sunday Metal – MTV Rockumentary: the History of Heavy Metal

From 1991, an MTV-produced rockumentary on the history of heavy metal (to that point).

Sunday Metal – 80’s Metal

A segment from MTV’s “It Came from the 80’s” about 80’s metal (especially the “pop/hair” metal aspect).

Sunday Metal – Scorpions

Scorpions “Still Loving You”, August 31, 1985, Oakland.

One thing I appreciated about Scorpions was their ballads were composed different from the times. It wasn’t just box chord progressions.

Sunday Metal – Gojira

Rather amusing. Gojira at Resurrection Fest in 2014… trying to orchestrate a Wall of Death. LOL

Sunday Metal – Five Finger Death Punch

This is cool.

Five Finger Death Punch in Clarkston, MI, 2018. Full show.

Very cool mid-part during “Remember Everything”… Ivan brings a bunch of kids on stage to sing with him. It’s very heartfelt and cool – you could see in Ivan’s eyes that he sincerely wanted to make it a lifetime memory for those kids. I’m pretty sure he succeeded. 🙂

I don’t really get all the hate people give 5FDP.

Sunday Metal – Dio

From 1986, Dio.

Sunday Metal – Damn Styx

OK… so neither Damn Yankees nor Styx are metal, but it’s all got similar roots in hard rock and roll.

This is Damn Yankees, playing one of my favorite Styx tunes: “Renegade”.

Sunday Metal – Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath from 2005’s Donnington/Download Festival. “War Pigs”


Sunday Metal – Metallica

Metallica, live on the Howard Stern show in 2016, playing “Master of Puppets”