Sunday Metal – Rammstein

Rammstein, live in Finland 2019

Sunday Metal – Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden, from 2019’s Rock in Rio

Sunday Metal – Slipknot

Slipknot, from 2019’s Resurrection Fest

Sunday Metal – Testament

Testament, from 2019’s Resurrection Fest

Sunday Metal – Arch Enemy

Arch Enemy, from 2019’s Resurrection Fest

Sunday Metal – Slave to the Grind

No, not the Skid Row album, rather a documentary about grindcore:

Choose wisely

COVID-19. What a wild ride. It’s really shown (exposed?) a lot about us as people, about the fabric of society.

Here in the midst I think about life after it passes. What will it be?

How will we remember this?

How will time remember us?

I expect, we will be remembered by our actions.

Choose wisely.

Sunday Metal – Biohazard

Biohazard, “Punishment” from the 1995 Dynamo Festival

Sunday Metal – Nashville Pussy

Nashville Pussy, from back in the Corey Parks days, 1999.

Contains all the shenanigans that made them famous. Alas, the video is a bit chopped up, chunk of this song, chunk of that. Not sure why.

Sunday Metal – Down

Some early Down, from 1995. Looks like this show was just a few days after the release of the “NOLA” album.