Worst Possible Case and 100 percent Standards



Last night, I had an interesting conversation with John Daub of KR Training about the new NRA CCW Course. KR Training is one of, if not the, premier provider of firearms training in Texas, so his thoughts about the CCW Instructor Course he and Karl recently completed were something I wanted to hear. One of the most interesting items of the conversation was that the NRA has adopted a 100 percent hit standard for the NRA’s Qualification Course, if instructors choose to use the NRA’s Qual Course.

I’ve been a big believer in 100 percent standards for a long time. The importance of an exacting standard was emphasized by a recent Incident where a woman in Oroville, California shot and paralyzed her husband as a result of taking a Hostage Rescue shot on a home invader. Although she killed the home invader when she “emptied the clip” at…

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Sunday Metal – Mötley Slayer

Some old footage (1983 supposedly) of Tom Araya singing Mötley Crüe’s “Looks That Kill”

Pretty awesome.

Sunday Metal – Amon Amarth & Doro

Amon Amarth WITH DORO! performing “A Dream That Cannot Be” from Summer Breeze.

Sunday Metal – KISS

Apparently this is the Alive II outtakes. Recorded at Budokan in 1977.

Sounds pretty good.

Sunday Metal – Scorpions

More Scorpions. This time a soundcheck from 1982.

Sunday Metal – Scorpions

This is pretty cool. Scorpions, performing “Still Loving You” (one of my favorite songs by them) on “Peters Popshow” November 1985.

Seems very lip synced (or maybe dubbed), because it sounds just like the record. Still tho…

Sunday Metal – Obituary

Obituary’s full set from Bloodstock 2017

Sunday Metal – Venom

Venom. Full concert from 1985.

Sunday Metal – KISS

More old school footage of KISS, from Winterland, January 31, 1975.

This contains “Black Diamond” and “Cold Gin”

THIS is what made KISS awesome.

Sunday Metal – KISS

OLD school footage of KISS, from Winterland, January 31, 1975.

Deuce, Strutter, Got to Choose.

THIS is what made KISS awesome.