So why do this?

So ok, let’s start making some content, shall we?

First, I’m still figuring out how WordPress works and how things are set up here, so I’m sure I’m going to make some stupid mistakes at first. Plus I’m sure things will be in a state of flux until I’ve got things as I like them. And even then I reserve the right to change my mind.

So why did I want to start blogging? And what took me so long to do it?

I didn’t want to blog because I thought it rather arrogant to think that anyone would give a rat’s ass what I have to say. I still think that. I also know that once you put something out online, it’s extremely difficult to make it go away. In real life if you make a mistake or say something you shouldn’t have, eventually it’s lost into the air and life goes on. But if you screw up online, it can stick around for the rest of your life. What doesn’t help is the world has just enough mean people in it that take great joy in digging up dirt and holding your past mistakes over you. Well, let ’em cast their stones.

But the past some months I felt rather a large pull to start shooting my mouth off in a public way, and I got to a point where I really didn’t care any more what others thought. Voices remaining quiet is what allows ugly things to happen, and I feel too many ugly things are happening now, and I want to say my piece about it all. I don’t expect to change the world nor am I setting out to. This is mostly just a place for me to share my thoughts and feelings with whomever wants to spend their time reading about it.

I often describe myself as “just some guy”. When I say this, I mean just that… I’m just some guy. I’m no one special. In the grander scheme of the cosmos, with the millions of years prior to now and the millions of years yet to come, of all the planets and solar systems and universes out there, I know that we’re all rather insignificant in the grander scheme of it all (anyone for live organ transplant?). And while I have my arrogant tendencies, I tend to know my place. As I grow older, I find greater satisfaction in humility. But even a humble person needs to speak up now and again. I try to be humble, but I’m not a doormat.

So what will be in this blog? Whatever the hell I want to write about. And yes, I said hell and I might even say shit damn or fuck now and again. I’m an adult, I expect my readers to be adults — and that’s more a commentary on attitude and behavior than age.