Radio Daze : 3 – Gene Hoglan & Dark Angel

Working as The Metal Dude at WXJM afforded me particular opportunities. When Dark Angel was promoting their album “Time Does Not Heal”, their drummer and principal songwriter Gene Hoglan was doing phone interviews. I got to do one.

All I remember was Gene being really cool. Very soft spoken. Smart dude. Not at all like you might expect from his imposing presence behind the drum kit. I actually have the recording on cassette… now I just need to figure a way to get from cassette to MP3. 🤔

When my daughter was drumming, I showed her videos of Gene (“cause I’m not cool!“). She has a Gene-autographed drum head from a Testament show in Austin in 2013.

I really love Dark Angel, especially the “Leaves Scars” album. You drew that “S” logo on math book. I drew the Dark Angel logo – we are not the same.

Autographed poster I received after the interview.
2013, probably @ Emo’s

Wrist update

My left wrist is improving. The issues have shifted, but I think I know what needs doing. The hard part will be doing it.

I can still do things. I mean, yesterday I incline benched 260×3@8 – which is a lifetime PR for me on inclines. If I wrap my wrists when it gets heavier it’s fine. In fact, what’s more bothering me now is the metacarpals due to typing.

I need to change my office/typing setup. I need to get off the laptop. Full keyboard, better monitors on swing-arms so they can be eye level and typing at a good level for head and eye position. I need better typing posture. I need better posture overall (the eternal struggle #IYKYK) yes, but posture while typing is especially needed. I think better equipment setup is an easy win. Having the UpLift helps too; happy purchase that was.

I need to stretch more, and stretch things you may not think – bending my fingers backwards to get more stretch in extended positions. My fingers are curled all the time, from lifting weights, shooting guns, typing all day every day. I have been working the extensor bands. I’ve noticed my fingers tripping over themselves more when I type these days. It’s in part due to the typing “style” due to the above setup issues, but I also feel my fingers getting stiffer. Could it be aging? Absolutely could. I don’t know what it is, but I certainly know my finger muscles themselves could use some stretching to help my fingers be less curled in relaxed positions. Just more “yoga”, more stretching and using my body.

It’s getting better. Injuries like this are an opportunity to find other ways to work, to solve, to continue progressing.


Radio Daze : 2 – Over The Edge with Cliff

Clifford is my middle name.

I know you now have a Big Red Dog running through your head.

Nevertheless, it’s my middle name. It’s fine.

Going into Freshman year at JMU I knew I wanted to be part of college radio, so I joined at the onset. It just so happened Fall 1990 is when WXJM went 88.7 FM (vs piped into campus buildings). I happened to get in on the ground floor. There was a “metal dude” there, I forgot his name but he was cool and more like a rock-and-roll dude than 🤘 METAL 🤘 – but to be fair, he broke the ice and I’m grateful he allowed me to take over as Metal Director.

Fall 1990 I got a show slot: 9-11 Saturday morning. What a fuckin’ slot, but we all start at the bottom. I remember a write-up in a newspaper which talked about the “Saturday morning metal” – obviously that was me, and I thought that shout out was pretty cool at the time (they didn’t pick any of the snooty alterna-rock shows!). Eventually I did get late night slots (the dude who did the 0100-0300 show after mine, “Garden of Edna”, was pretty cool). We became a staple of the area because metal – or “loud rock” as it was genre-fied – makes for good party tunes.

Anyways, back in early Fall 1990 – freshman year – I got the slot. I needed a name. I was living in Eagle Hall, 3rd floor B wing (we commissioned a “Milwaukee’s Best” logo on the back wall of the hallway). Across the hall neighbors; we had our doors open and just shooting the shit. I knew I didn’t want to use my real name, and of course Cliff Burton is cool as fuck (Cliff ’em all!). So… Cliff.

Then my neighbor just blurted out something like: “You’re going over the edge, with Cliff!”

Boom. Done.

AC/DC has their Razor’s Edge album, Over the Edge. I been to the edge, and then I stood and looked down. Edge of a broken heart. Livin’ on the edge. Edge is… edgy. 😄 It’s cool. 

And, it’s corny. Over the edge, Cliff. Har har! Get it? (nudge nudge)

It was a good time. I got to interview a lot of people and bands. I saw a lot of shows. Played a lot of music. Was a local icon (“CLIIIIIIIIIIIIIFFF!!!”). Got laid. Got drunk. Got high. It was college and a good time.

Upper-right corner.
“…but your puppy dog will!” – I don’t recall exactly who said this, but it was a promo cut for my show by the guitarist (?) for a local band (I think “Newcastle XXX”). He just ad libbed that in, with a little southern-boy twang, and it stuck. 🙂

Radio Daze : 1 – Did you know I worked in radio?

Did you know I have a Minor in Music Industry? Yup – I have a Bachelor of Science in Human Communication, with a Minor in Music Industry. 

From 1990 through 1994 I studied & worked in the music industry. I worked at WXJM, James Madison University radio as “Cliff” the Metal Director/Dude. My weekly show was “Over the Edge, with Cliff”. I also worked at Q101 and Froggy99 as “John Williams”, both stations being Top40 with Adult Contemporary leanings – the kind of thing you hear in a doctor’s waiting room, with Rick Dees every Sunday morning. I interned one summer at WHVY Pure Rock 103.1 The Underground – that summer kicked ass! 

I wanted to be in radio, because rock-and-roll, baby! When I found out how broke I’d be, I panicked and fled to grad school to avoid the real world for another 2 years.  My time in rock-and-roll came to an end, but it’s all good. I had a great time.

That time afforded me some wonderful experiences. When we moved from Austin to Bryan in 2020, I had to clean and dispose of a lot of stuff. I have memorabilia from that time, including posters. I’d like to share some of them, and the memories I associate with them.

Stay tuned…

My FCC license, which I guess is still valid?

I’m a little embarrassed to say…

I’m a little embarrassed to say what I’m about to say, but I need to say it so that I can be a little less embarrassed about saying it.

I am a 1st degree black belt in the martial art of Kuk Sool. More strictly, Kul Sool Won via World Kul Sool Association under SUH In Hyuk.

There, I said it. And I didn’t die (yet…). 😄


I don’t have a Masters degree. I spent 2 years at Texas A&M in a graduate program, and while I did my thesis proposal, I never wrote nor defended it. I don’t have the degree because life took off – married, job, kid, etc.. I came to peace with it long ago, and part of that coming to peace involved this black belt.

John, “ki training”

I had a history of not finishing stuff. In Boy Scouts I got to Life rank, got stuck on the Personal Management merit badge (foreshadowing!) and didn’t get my Eagle. I didn’t get my Masters. I failed to complete some important shit in life. I wanted to complete some important shit in life.

Monday afternoon February 17, 2003 I took my first Kuk Sool Won class at South Austin Kuk Sool Won with Sa Bum Num Dewain Perry. I was doing it with my oldest, who was of elementary school age at the time. I needed exercise. I wanted to get better at self defense. I’ve always wanted to study martial arts since I was a kid watching Bruce Lee movies and Saturday morning Kung Fu Action Theater. My 삼촌 (“samchon” – Uncle) was all into it too, and impressionable youth me looked up to him. Part of my choice of Kuk Sool is unquestionably my desire to kinda sorta connect with my Korean heritage a bit more. I know there’s a white dude teaching it, but that doesn’t matter (e.g. in a way, Barry & Choon-Ok Harmon remind me of my father and mother). There’s the language, the history (even as bullshit as a lot of KMA history is), and yes some cultural aspects get brought in. Cannot lie that it got me reading Hangul pretty well, and I think it also helped my daughter connect some too because it brought “Korean stuff” into the household. It was all good.

I was determined to get the black belt because I was going to complete something.

Like father, like son

February 18, 2007 – coincidentally exactly 4 years after I started – I earned my 1st degree black belt from the WKSA in Kuk Sool Won. I stayed another couple of years, as the South Austin school closed and Oak Hill opened. Despite beginning testing for my 2nd degree, in 2009 I left because I just didn’t jive with the WKSA business practices. I’m here to practice a martial art, not do drama. I mean, drama happens, but this wasn’t my drama so I changed the channel. It’s all good, no hard feelings. In life’s journey, paths converge and diverge.

Not Embarrassed

Yes, in time I came to see how McDojo things were because WKSA is a business and of a particular era in martial arts history. I mean, as long as my credit card kept processing and I kept showing up, I’d get the black belt. And that I did. But in some regard, that was part of it: to keep showing up. And from showing up, I actually got in pretty good shape. It provided a good cardio and bodyweight workout. You had to move your body, and that’s important for good health. The art being of a hapkido lineage, it traces back to similar if not same roots as BJJ in Japanese jiu jitsu. I mean, there’s only so many ways to lock joints and throw people, so that knowledge is solid. Plus, Dewain was good to throw down, which was cool.

I know today it’s all about the BJJ/MMA. I’m down with it. I don’t practice martial arts much any more beyond occasional seminars because much of the injury, wear-and-tear on my body I earned through martial arts practice. At this point in my life, I’m not interested in more of that. Just my personal choice that I know will eventually get me kilt on the street. I’m ok with it. Meantime, I will just keep lifting things up and putting them down.

I learned a lot. The joint locks and throws were pretty cool (the knife defense, not so much). I enjoyed connecting with my heritage in an oblique way.

And I completed something.

I kept showing up.

I got there.

And I will not be embarrassed about that.

The Real Power of 5/3/1

Jim Wendler‘s 5/3/1 (overview) is an amazing strength building program. It’s not everything, but it is something. I’ve had success with it over a number of years, and so have many others – including my sons.

Many focus upon the templates: Boring But Big, Triumverate, Beach Body, Krypteia, and there’s gazillions more (just buy the books). Templates are one magic of 5/3/1. I assert the real power of 5/3/1 is the principles.

5/3/1 was founded upon 4 principles: emphasize big, multi-joint movements; starting too light; progress slowly; break personal records. When you understand what drives and underlies these principles, it continues to hold no matter what you do. I shifted back to 5/3/1 for a time, saw good results, but I’m not a young man any more and the wear and tear caught up with me so I’m shifting to more hypertrophy-oriented work (for a time). The 5/3/1 principles remain. Starting too light and progress slowly hold well in hypertrophy work as I ease into the novel stimulus). Big movements are good, perhaps with more stability, like a Cybex machine press. PRs can now be rep PRs, inches on my biceps gained, inches around my waist lost.

5/3/1 as originally conceived is not something I can do so much any more. However, the principles of 5/3/1 will forever carry me forward.

I’m not happy, Bob

“I’m not happy, Bob”

Gilbert Huph (The Incredibles)

I injured my left wrist. Dumbbell bench pressing the other day, I felt something weird. In my dry fire, it doesn’t feel great. I incline benched 245×4 on Friday and no issues (stable movement, wraps, straight and strong wrists). Bending is the issue, especially wrist extension. Even keeping my fingers at home row cocks the wrist and doesn’t feel hot.

I am signed up to take Gabe White’s Pistol Shooting Solutions Oct 1-2 at KR Training. I needed to assess my capabilities, primarily interested in validating work I’ve been doing in dry practice, and now also seeing how my wrist would manage.

Not good, Bob. Well, good and bad. First the bad.

Since it’s prep for Gabe, I ran Bill Drills to explore (it served both my goals). I shot 150-ish rounds and had to stop. The way the wrist gets cocked, (esp. at positions 3 and 4) coupled with the percussive nature of recoil just started to hurt in the bad way. I remember when I won my Light Pin in 2019 how beat up and raw my hands were 3/4 way through the class. If that’s the level of abuse my hands can expect, my current situation doesn’t bode well.

I’m not giving up yet. I’m going to see what I can do. If nothing else, now I get to really work on my strong-hand-only shooting. 😂 

In other news, I shot Bill Drills because I wanted 1. DTFAH (Draw To First Acceptable Hit), 2. recoil management. In dry practice I noticed I have a tendency to slightly cant the gun, just enough to confound my presentation. When I get the gun vertical, it’s better. I still suck with the dot, but it’s getting better and I think a seed of confidence has been sown. I have also been applying stuff from Mike Seeklander on grip. I saw good results dry. Live I did my best to just watch the sight movie, focus on the grip experiment, and see what happened. Results were… good. I still suck at it, and practicing it will be difficult with my wrist situation, but I’m pleased and feel I’m getting a little further down the road.

I want to take Gabe’s class, not for the trinket but for the learning that will inevitably occur. 2019’s class was transformative, and I have no qualms about being the shittiest shooter in class so long as I’m learning. It’s just gonna come down to the physicality of it all. Gonna work and see what I can do.

You gotta know when to fold ’em

I accomplished a key task: migrating away from to Things are still settling down, but so far so good. has a new look. Go check it out.

I feel weird with self-promotion like this, because it feels like it makes me come across larger than I really am. I’m a big fucking imposter. But, the website is good to do (as I look towards where I’m attempting to go with my life). is a site with a CNAME. I’ve now failed at a few attempts to migrate it to a install on Migrating the subdomain is the tricky part. I’m open to suggestions.

I am bummed. For years I’ve wanted to self-host my blog, and now seemed like a good time. It was a good time, and that permitted me the bandwidth to try it a few times, and learn a few things (i.e. fail a bunch). So, it’s all good in the end.

I need to move on to other things. works well, and has really upped its game in offerings – I have no qualms with and in fact may recommend it (tho I am not happy with the breakage of posting to Facebook Pages that are “new style”). I just want to self-host. I’ll come back to this another time. I have other projects to attend to.

Is this thing on?

Is back? You tell me please… because DNS propagation is a thing.

I’m undertaking a long-overdue migration of my IT services (web, email, domain names, across numerous sites). It’s two-fold:

  1. Move away from /
  2. Clean up, refactor, discard or pay technical debt, start “fresh”.


Many years ago I hosted with a provider: I’ve loved Apple since the IIe. An ISP that groks Mac and even uses Xserves? Sweet! Plus they were small and had great customer service. Life was good. They rebranded to, then started noticing the changes getting… generic. cPanel is life now. And then, hardware/server migrations… over and over. Eventually seeing that the company was sold to someone, then another. I don’t recall all the history, but the latest was to, which has been the worst. They heavily botched a server migration (which I am to understand from the Twitterverse that they were putting servers on trucks and driving them to a new center). Handling was terrible, from a customer service perspective. It was the final straw, and I overcame inertia and moved.

I am now using A2 Hosting. Jury is still out if it was a good move or not, but after much digging around, compare/contrast vs. my needs, and they seemed right. Small incremental trials have proven good, including their customer service who have been responsive, patient, and helpful. Yes, the quality of answers can vary from service rep to rep, but overall it’s good. Best is they are responsive. It may take a couple back and forths, but it gets figured. So, on that alone I’m pleased with the move so far.

Oh and the site is fast is fast as fuck, boy. (meme)


This was a perfect opportunity to just discard, clean up, and move on. used to have some basic and crude .html files that I wrote probably in BBEdit. This was in the days before CSS and responsive and whatnot: just text, maybe using a table for layout. It was what it was for the time, but… it’s time to go. I am sad that the “MacOS MUD Zone” is no more – it was kinda fun being the Mac MUD dude, but the reality is those were Classic Mac apps and it’s just time to let it all go. WordPress is a thing now.

One thing I’ve long wanted to do is migrate the blog from to my own install. I figured this would be the right time.

I was… half right.

This is a good time, but I should have waited and done it in two phases: 1. get away from MacHighway/Deluxe, 2. do new modern stuff. I started to blend 2 into 1 because this project has been taking a while and with so many things that require “just wait” (e.g. DNS propagation), I thought I could overlap.

However, the migration from to hasn’t been so straightforward, especially because a subdomain is in place: which currently points to and is required really for the site to operate, but also needs to be the same subdomain for the install. So… this caused some “false starts” (including trying to use WordPress Multisite). Eventually I realized things weren’t working, needed to back out, but something got hosed with DNS. It took some time, but it looks like A2’s “advanced” support may have gotten things back on track.

I need to wrap up the “Move” portion of things, THEN once I know it’s clean, do the “Forward” part.

So I think I have things “back to how they were before”. I am going to complete my move away from MacHighway/Deluxe. Once that’s good, I’ll look at migration.

This project has taken way too long and caused me enough grief; but I’ve learned a lot.

100 Day Challenge – 100 days later

In April 2022 I stated I was going to undertake a 100 Day Challenge. It’s July 2022 and those 100 days are now over. I’ve had some time to reflect. I wanted to capture my preliminary thinking, reaction, and response to the exercise. Strap in.

Where it started

Best to start with the original post: click/tap here.

tl;dr – This year I turned 50, and I wanted to do something for it because why not. Truth be told, I may be 50 but I’m the best I’ve ever been in many areas of life. I felt like celebrating that – to keep climbing. Originally I wanted to diet down, finally get really lean, and post a rockin’ pic on my birthday. Well… that didn’t happen as diet continues to be a struggle for me (more on this later). But I did decide instead to try 100 days of more discipline.

One thing I’ve learned in life is that if the bite looks too big to take, you won’t take it. It’s why in software development we take 1 13-point story and break it down into 13 1-point stories that logically support and provide a path towards the desired outcome. If you just then follow the path/plan/process, it just works and you will arrive at your desired outcome. It may not happen in your preferred timeline, and your level of satisfaction in the outcome (if it even happens) is all TBD. But what’s important to remember is:

Slow progress is still progress.
Slow progress is still progress.

Slow progress is still progress. Even if all I did today was take 1 step… I took 1 step. In 100 days, I will have taken 100 steps. Sure it took me 100 days, but I’m still 100 steps ahead of where I was.

I think it was just serendipity that when I came back to think about “what to do for my 50th?”, it happened to be just a bit more than 100 days out. We dumb apes like nice round things, including numbers like 100 (plus it adds another “place”: hundreds… ooo! ahh!). So a 100 day challenge sounds good.

The challenges

I chose 4 small areas for the challenge: read, yoga, workout, eating.


Every day I had to read something meaningful, useful, towards growth (so reading Slack all day doesn’t count). It has to be something that expands me, grows me, educates me, or just… makes me smile. It could be haiku – talk about a low barrier of entry, as it takes almost no time to read that. Or I could read a page in a book. Or a chapter… well, that’s too ambitious, but for sure there’s no ceiling on how much is read.

I just want to make sure I read SOMETHING every day.


This isn’t real yoga. By “yoga” I mean just moving my body through a full range every day (if there’s a better 1-word term for what I’m doing, suggestions welcome). I sit at a desk at a computer all day typing. I need to get up, stand up, stretch, bend, squat, deep breathe, etc. The gym stuff is good, but it can leave me sore and tight, which then just compounds when you sit crunched over a computer all day.

Use it or lose it is real.


Of course the gym. But also, more dry fire practice. If I’m going to get good at this red dot thing…

Eating – and being less fat

Yes, fat. I don’t want to lose weight. I don’t want to lose muscle mass/tissue. I want to lose fatty tissue from my body. It serves me no purpose: it’s summer in Texas and I don’t need the insulation.🥵 It’s just weight I carry around that contributes more wear and tear to joints and other things. Plus, I just don’t like the way I look naked in the mirror, y’know? I reckon I could stand to drop at least 40# of fat tissue to get acceptably lean.

All this work in the gym – I’ve built something, and I wish to carve off this cream cheese and see it. I’ve long wished, I’ve long tried and failed and tried and failed and tried and failed. But… try again I must. At least each time I learn something that gets me 1 step further.


Well, spreadsheet. I launched Numbers, new spreadsheet, 100 rows of dates, 4 columns one for each challenge. I had to make an entry for each day about what I did. I kept the spreadsheet open, window visible, on my personal computer’s 2nd monitor so it was always visible and present to me. What’s the opposite of “out of sight, out of mind”? “in sight, in mind”?

I gave myself grace about not being 100% successful every day. Yes, I wanted an entry for every day and THAT needs to be 100% (even if I fill in yesterday’s entry during today, vs as I go along today). But if what I put in was “Forgot to read…” or “Ate like an asshole”, thats ok. I want to record my failure days, those days when I’m less than stellar and didn’t live up to my own expectations. I mean, it happens, we’re human: we falter. What purpose is served by me suddenly “cheating” and cramming in a haiku before bed, just so I can fill in a “positive” note on the cell? What am I gaming, for whom, and why? Naw… just record what did happen, even if I’m embarrassed about it, learn, and move on. It’s cool, and as well I thought it’d be interesting to see what it looked like for reals looking back on the track record 100 days later. So, be honest.

100 Days Later…

It was good. I am glad I did it. I learned about myself, and about a few things that I believe will serve me well. The big lessons I got out of it are: to continue to embrace process focus, and that discipline done poorly is better than none.

Embracing process-focus

Even if you’re process-focused you ultimately still care about the outcome. Both process-focus and outcome-focus care about the outcome. The difference is what you are focusing on. Where is your attention? Where is your mind? Is it on that thing over there in the future (outcome-focus)? or this thing right here right now (process-focus)? The outcome matters – it’s about how you get there, about where you put your effort.

As a software developer, process is king. We talk about agile vs. waterfall, scrum, kanban, standups – all of these are processes. We apply process and promote process to our teams and clients all day every day. And that if we just do the process and do it right, it works! It just works! (to paraphrase JonTron)

If I follow 5/3/1, Westside/conjugate, Starting Strength, Texas Method, StrongLifts 5×5, Bill Starr 5×5, Mountain Dog, Renaissance Periodization, Barbell Medicine, Garage Gangsters, RPE, RIR, etc… it’s all processes. If you just do the things and you do it right, it works… you’ll get bigger and stronger.

In shooting a handgun, you have to acquire grip, hold well, align sights, press trigger without disturbing the sights, manage recoil, follow-through, repeat if necessary. Again, there’s a process. Heck, unloading a semi-automatic pistol requires a particular order: 1. remove magazine, 2. rack slide (3. verify). If you rack then remove, it may not be unloaded. Process.

Now, there’s always a process, there’s always an outcome; what do you focus your attention on? Back in 2019 when I took Gabe White’s Pistol Shooting Solutions class, a huge lightbulb came on regarding the effectiveness of process-focus. Of being in the moment of this shot now. That shot, it’s in the past. That other shot? it’s in the future. But this shot? Be here: grip, sights, trigger, viola. And the results of that weekend were beyond my expectations. Then there’s my performance a month later at the Rangemaster Master Instructor class in November 2019. High? Revolver day, perfect score on qual tied with Weems and Labonte (Labonte won the shootoff). Low? Completely fucking the Casino Drill (Tom ran the timer) in front of Tom and a poor showing on the qual (passed, but 91%). I was so outcome-focused that weekend – “Daub, don’t fuck this up.” – and so what did I nearly do?

And so here in the 100 days, I get to a new level of process-focus understanding.


This is pretty simple: just keep lifting. I’ve been lifting since I was a teenager, most seriously from 2011 to today; after 11 years, I think it’s habit and “part of me”. I have to continue to adjust what and how I lift to manage fatigue, wear-and-tear, progress, and quite simply – enjoyment. I gotta enjoy the lifting. I like lifting heavy, but I have to take an even longer road to get there now. But I think it’ll be good – because of something I heard Dave Hoff said about “owning the weight” regarding progression. Yeah… I need more of that.

A number of people have expressed concern over my lifting. I appreciate that I have so many people in my life that care about my well-being. Know that my long-term motivation around lifting is: to not be decrepit. There’s far more to my lifting and workouts than I show on Instagram, and everything is ultimately guided by my lifetime desire to not be decrepit. I want to be like Sonny:

Dry fire… I have been doing more of it. I trailed off a bit towards the end because of other life things, but I’m coming back to it. I don’t get too bent out of shape over those things, because often I find stepping away from something for a moment to let things simmer, I find when I come back to it the notion I was working on will be more refined. It’s all good. But that said, I do need to pick up my game.

Eating / Defatting

This remains a struggle for me. However I did have one solid outcome from the 100 days.

I was able to get a more refined look at how “eating outside my windows” costs me, and THAT is the thing I need to give attention to before anything else. And once I get that managed, then I can truly let it rip.

See, I might leave my office around 6 PM. Supper’s in the works but not yet ready. Glorious smells and “taste this” stimulate the appetite. I snack on something. I keep snacking. I’m probably 500 cals in, and then supper consumed on top of that. And that doesn’t do me good.

If I keep to my time windows (pre, breakfast, lunch, shake, supper) and eat ONLY then, that’s what I need to do. Then it’s just “do the math” and “prep according to the math for a week of meals” and do it to the right cal total and macros and boom… just do the thing and do it right and don’t eat like an asshole outside of windows, and it will just work.

Here’s the twist! I monitor my bodyweight. I see how what I consume affects that aspect, as well as how I look in the mirror (e.g. size/swell of my gut). If eating between windows is helping me maintain, those extra 500 cals (or whatever) are necessary – which means when I DO eat within my windows, those window meals MUST account for that 500 cals somehow so I can still maintain! So I have to eat at particular times AND I have to eat more when it’s time to eat… and I gotta tell you, sometimes all the eating is a chore (look up Blaine Sumner chicken shakes).

So that’s the trick for me now: windows. Mrs. Hsoi has been wonderful in helping with meal preps. That I get to eat her cooking AND do the meal stuff is… wonderful. ❤️

I’ll get there. I do see finally #BecomingLean being within reach.

Discipline done poorly is better than none

If a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing poorly.

“Worth doing poorly? Why would you want to do something shitily?” That saying just irked my sensibilities. But then I came to understand it. It’s more like: if it’s worth doing, it’s ok to do it poorly. Like one of those it doesn’t matter if you can’t dance, dance anyways sort of things, dig?

It’s that something is better than nothing. Now of course it’s not just any something, it still has to be something correct and directed towards desired outcomes. But done poorly is still done. And so, something is better than nothing. It’s not about going from 100 down to 10, rather it’s about being at 0 and going up to 10.

What’s magical is that even if say all you can give is a 3, if you keep giving that 3 every day, those 3’s add up. And then maybe one day, you’ll do 4. I recall one night wanting to go straight to bed. That means I skip brushing my teeth, but I tell myself to just go dry brush each surface once and be done. I do. Next thing I know, I’ve brushed every surface a few times, wondering why I didn’t just put paste on the thing… it’s not like it would have taken much more effort. And so next time, I do that. 3 becomes 4.


I managed to read 3 (almost) books.

I am most happy about this. I love books… I have 3 large bookcases in my office stacked with books. I love going to the bookstore and coming home with neat finds. But, I don’t always get to read the books… I want to, I intend to, but time isn’t always there. However, I know it’s not that the time isn’t there; it’s more about how I am spending the time I have. Like I don’t need to scroll social media, I can read a book.

YANSS was a great start, because it’s a lot of little chapters. It’s an easy read, and once you get started it’s only a few pages to finish a chapter. So you make faster progress than 1 page per day. It’s a fun and enlightening book too.

The other two books were just things for fun. I didn’t want to have to read something serious, but they were both enriching. Andrew really hates hair metal. 🤘 And Aaron knows meat. I’ve been putting some of his teachings into practice to good outcome.

If there’s anything I’m really most proud of from this 100 days it’s this – that I’m getting books read. It may have been only 3, but that’s more than before. It feels really good, and I want to keep it up. I’m already into my next book.


I’m standing more. I need to stand moreer.

I also realized something… when I take a break at work, I kick my feet up in my chair and scroll media to kinda tune out my brain searching for a dopamine hit. Why am I not instead starting by doing some stretches and even getting on the floor and stretching and moving stuff. Do that just 5 minutes… then you can scroll or whatever.

Will start doing that.

I’ve been watching my squat, especially as I get into the hole and what happens with my upper back and hips. In part, it’s due to “being tight” because I get to a certain point and the tightness wins, tho I can continue to be mobile by bending, which isn’t quite optimal. So doing things like Asian squat-sits on the reg should help me open things up a bit, including my hip adductors. This’ll just be good for me all around.

I also think, with increased intention around my yoga times, I do some of the knee PT stuff and stretches. That will not only be good for the knees, but my entire lower body.

100 more days?

I did notice that within a few days of finishing the 100, I trailed off in keeping the diary. That’s ok as that’s not really needed long term (I think…). But I have been working to keep up with all the things. I do need to work on reframing my work breaks at least partially into “yoga” sessions. Heck, after I stretch I could do 5 minutes of dry fire practice. 🤔

I did think about trying to extend it out another 100 days, but I didn’t see much of the point. I got what I needed from the rigidity of this exercise, and what I really need is to just maintain the momentum towards it becoming just a part of me, just a normal everyday way of being. To maintain the structure of the 100 day challenge would feel artificial. But could it just feel that way because it’s novel and not yet a habit? Maybe. I’ll see. I have a Reminder repeating on a monthly basis to at least reflect on my performance in these areas.

Try it yourself

Seriously. Try it yourself.