Sunday Metal – Steelheart

Steelheart was another band that came in at the tail-end of the hair metal era, with their debut album being released in 1990 (and what’s with that lame-ass album cover?). Yeah, a lot was derivative and formulaic but…

Holy shit, Miljenko Matijevic can sing.

Sure the “I’ll Never Let You Go (Angel Eyes)” song is perfect for a radio dedication to your high school girlfriend, but the real gem on that album is this song: “She’s Gone”. I always preferred the album version as it’s longer, but all you’ll find online is the radio/video edit. Still tho… those pipes, the emotion poured into singing this song. Simply awesome.

Sunday Metal – Tyketto

Oh man… take me back to my radio daze. In 1990 David Geffen was enjoying success so he spun off a new record label, DGC. To help get it started, harder rock bands like… Nelson… were signed. Of course if you have a formula you keep milking it, and so Tyketto.

I remember seeing Tyketto’s album come into the station in 1991 – simply because that name was so odd, it stuck in your head. I never gave it a chance. It was the early 90’s. Hair metal was passé, or at least, these guys didn’t seem to embrace what made that music so good – and so, it never really took off. And then… DGC signed this obscure little band from Seattle called Nirvana and the world changed.

I admit, the YouTube rabbit hole brought this one up and writing this post I let the song spin – the first time I really listened to it. It’s not bad.

Tyketto with “Forever Young”


One of the notable aspects of the democratic process is that one need not know anything about a subject in order to pass laws about it. – Col. Jeff Cooper

From Cooper’s Commentaries, Vol 11, No. 4 April 2003

Sunday Metal – Danger Danger

This came on my iTunes radio mix the other day and it reminded me how terrible it was. It came out at the tail-end of the “hair metal” era, when everything had turned derivative and formulaic along with bands/musicians trying to find their way to success before everything had fully passed them over.

And you got this.

That said, Andy Timmons is a good guitar player and Ted Poley can sing. But if this doesn’t epitomize all that was that particular moment in time. 🙂

This is Danger Danger with “Naughty Naughty” for your Sunday Sunday Metal Metal

Quickly, Carefully, Precisely

Quickly, Carefully, Precisely.

There’s a video of Tom Givens explaining the Parrot Drill and how the 8″ circle is shot quickly, the 4″ is carefully, the 2″ precisely. His choice of words matters – not just in instruction, but actual cues to use under those conditions.

For a while now, when I administer the Texas LTC Completion and live-fire qualify people for their LTC, when we’re at 3 yards I tell them to shoot quickly. When we step back to 7 yards, I tell them to shoot carefully. When we’re back at 15 yards I tell them to shoot precisely.

I don’t have to explain some new gun-world concept; they know what I mean by those words. Just uttering those cues absolutely changes the mindset about how the students think and approach what’s before them. It’s an effective teaching tool, that leads students to improved performance (outcomes). I SEEN it!

Look up The Complete Combatant’s drill: The Trifecta.

Quickly. Carefully. Precisely.

Be strong. 🤘

Sunday Metal – The Pretty Reckless

This song is fantastic. The composition. The progression. Taylor’s singing. When this album came out I listened to this song over and over, it’s so good. I’m still not tired of listening to this song.

The Pretty Reckless with “25”