Radio Daze : 13 – Wrathchild America

Wrathchild America was a thash metal band from the Washington DC music scene that broke out, getting signed to major label Atlantic Records. To promote their sophomore release 3-D, they did a 4 show acoustic tour, because “unplugged” was all the rage at the time. I was able to score an interview with them.

It was a disaster. The interview was myself with Brad Divens (bass, singer) and Terry Carter (guitar). While they were kind, they were obviously annoyed with me – I was young, unprofessional, inexperienced. I didn’t know how to interview, and it showed. They absolutely were good sports and just tolerated me.😂

A pretty cool show tho, since it was something non-standard for them, but they had the chops to play all styles of music and play them well. It was a fun evening.

I saw Wrathchild America a number of other times, since technically they were a local band. As a result, sometimes the shows played were more of a party and gathering of friends than a formal touring concert, which made them extra cool. I’m curious if when Shannon Larkin is up on stage now with Godsmack he ever breaks out Slave to my Dick. It was all good humor. If you really want good humor, check out this early interview with them back when they were more glam (Shannon’s bi-colored hair). Good stuff.

Me, Terry, Brad