Sunday Metal – Weedeater

Weedeater, with “God Luck & Good Speed”

Sunday Metal – Electric Wizard

Electric Wizard, performing “Funeralopolis”

Sunday Metal – Dio

Dio. Live in 1986.

Phenomenal performance. But then… it’s Dio.

Sunday Metal – Motorpsycho

In last Sunday’s Sunday Metal, Dave Mustaine was wearing a Motorpsycho t-shirt.

I remember this band’s album, “Wrenched”, came out about 1992. I was working in college radio at the time at WXJM. It was an OK album, with some fun aggro tracks such as:

“Scared for Life”

“Fuck it Up”


“Hatebox” always stuck in my head… rather, the ending of it, the spoken word: “It’s hatred… it’s the only thing that lasts…”

Sunday Metal – Megadeth

Megadeth with “Go to Hell”.

I also liked the initial footage from the Concrete Foundations forum. Reminds me of my days back working in metal radio.

Sunday Metal – Lita Ford

Lita Ford, with my wife’s favorite song (not really…), “Kiss Me Deadly”.

What I dug about this is… it’s live. Listen to her sing… she isn’t perfect. Hooray for live and real performances! Tho somehow that guitar appeared out of nowhere…

Sunday Metal – Betty Blowtorch

Man… I had forgotten about Betty Blowtorch. Punk rock with an LA flair.

This is a cool video of an in-store promotional concert and signing from August 2001.

Sunday Metal – Riot Brides

Riot Brides I think only made 1 EP, but it was pretty kickin’.

This is “Bring You Down”

Sunday Metal – Slunt

It’s a shame Slunt didn’t become a bigger band. They had the look, the raw attitude, and  songs.

This is apparently the original video for “The Best Thing”

If this ain’t rock-n-roll, I don’t know what is.

Sunday Metal – Rockumentary: Death Metal

From 1993, a rockumentary on Death Metal:

The bouncer/security dude at the opening? He gets it.