Sunday Metal – Body Count

Ice-T and Ernie C are back with 2017’s “Bloodlust”.

This is #NoLivesMatter


Sunday Metal – Anthrax

This is Anthrax’s 2016 Bloodstock performance.

I’ve seen Anthrax numerous times over the years, and seeing them back in Oct. 2016 I think they were the tightest and best sounding I’ve ever heard from them.


Sunday Metal – Obituary

One more Obituary. This is their 2015 performance at Hellfest.


Sunday Metal – Obituary

You may have noticed that Obituary’s “Ten Thousand Ways to Die” video seemed to start off like a “part 2”. Here’s the “part 1”.

This is “Violence”. (and again, a hilarious video)


Sunday Metal – Obituary

Obituary, still going strong. Off their 2017 self-titled album, this is “Ten Thousand Ways To Die”.

This video is awesome. So many jokes, so many funny references. You will want to watch this video over and over, just to catch all the jokes. It’s hilarious!

And the song is awesome.


Sunday Metal – Overkill

Another fantastic cut off Overkill’s 2017’s The Grinding Wheel. This is “Goddamn Trouble” (recorded live, by a fan)


Sunday Metal – Havok

Yes, another one from Havok. This is off 2013’s Unnatural Selection. This is “Give Me Liberty… Or Give Me Death”


Sunday Metal – Havok

Another track off Havok’s Conformicide, this is F.P.C. (or “Fuck Political Correctness”)


Sunday Metal – Havok

Havok is one of those new wave of thrash metal bands. And they do it quite well.

This is off their new album, Conformicide. This is “Intention to Deceive”

Sunday Metal – Keel

I was listening to Apple Music’s “Classic Metal” radio and this song came on.

It took me right back to my teenage years, and finally I was able to know who the artist was!

I recall hearing this song a bunch, and I believe I had it on some mix-tape and really loved it. But I never knew who the artist was. But now I know.


“Tears of Fire”

(Shut up, BH)