Sunday Metal – Keel

I was listening to Apple Music’s “Classic Metal” radio and this song came on.

It took me right back to my teenage years, and finally I was able to know who the artist was!

I recall hearing this song a bunch, and I believe I had it on some mix-tape and really loved it. But I never knew who the artist was. But now I know.


“Tears of Fire”

(Shut up, BH)

Sunday Metal – Crowbar

Another fairly recent release that I’ve been digging: Crowbar “The Serpent Only Lies”

Here’s the title track:

It’s day after day
The fight to rise and win
Conquer it all
It’s day after day
The fight to rise and win
Conquer it all
Don’t let your soul descend,

Sunday Metal – Marilyn Manson

Another heavy rotation as of late is some Marilyn Manson. I admit, he’s growing on me.

“This is the New Shit”


Sunday Metal – Amon Amarth

Another heavy rotation for me continues to be Amon Amarth’s “Jomsviking”.

I have found that “Vengence is My Name” is a fantastic song for setting heavy lifting PR’s. 🤘


Sunday Metal – Metallica

Yes, I’m still spinning the new Metallica album. Here’s my favorite song off the album: “Atlas, Rise!” performed live in Hong Kong January 2017

Sunday Metal – Kreator

Another recent release that I’ve really been digging: Kreator’s “Gods of Violence”.

Here’s the opening track: “World War Now”


Sunday Metal – L.A. Guns

L.A. Guns is probably considered a 2nd or 3rd tier “hair metal” band, but that doesn’t really do them justice. Tracii Guns is a phenominal guitar player (and he’s the “Guns” in “Guns n’ Roses”), and Phil Lewis has a unique, signature voice. The songs they put out were of course “of the day”, but I always thought the songwriting was a cut above despite not reaching the top heights of commercial success.

In the years since there’s been a lot of drama and even 2 versions of the band running around. But it seems Tracii and Phil are back together touring as L.A. Guns because let’s face it — they are the sound of the band.

Here’s some excellent live footage recorded from a show in Houston on Feb. 23 of one of my favorite L.A. Guns songs, “Never Enough” (along with some guitar humor from Tracii)

Sunday Metal – Igorrr

All I really know about Igorrr is Oldest is really into him. I just read they got signed to Metal Blade Records – now something father and son can bond over. 🙂

This is “Hallelujah”


Sunday Metal – Overkill

Overkill has a new album, “The Grinding Wheel” that just came out. It’s been my gym soundtrack ever since. Solid album.

One of my favorite tracks: “Come Heavy”.


Sunday Metal – Vektor

Vektor – “Tetrastructural Minds”

New band to me – quite technical. Suggested to me by my friend Sam.

And yes, that’s a guy hitting those vocals. Amazing.