Sunday Metal – Quiet Riot

Live from 1983’s “Us Festival”, Quiet Riot with “Metal Health”

Sunday Metal – Cinderella

More live Cinderella.

This is “Save Me”, “Heartbreak Station”, and “Coming Home”.

Sunday Metal – Cinderella

Sure, not the heaviest of metal. But “Shelter Me” is one of my favorites, because… we ALL need a little shelter.

Sunday Metal – Skid Row

OK, a little hair-metalish, but of the lot they did kick ass.

Here’s “Youth Gone Wild”, live in Toyko, Japan, New Years Eve 1990

Sunday Metal – Black Sabbath

Live Black Sabbath, from back in 1970, live in Paris

Sunday Metal – Celtic Frost

Cool old video of Celtic Frost performing “Into the Crypt of Rays”, with an interesting interview before the performance.

Sunday Metal – Twisted Sister

This is awesome.

January 1982 (TV) performance by Twisted Sister of their song “Under the Blade”.

It’s raw. It’s live. It’s high-energy It’s them performing – no backing tracks, no ProTools, no corrections.

And the choreography! 😂

Sunday Metal – Slayer & Nergal

Slayer performing “Evil has no Boundaries” with Nergal (Behemoth) on vocals. June 2019 in Poland.

Sunday Metal – Mötley Slayer

Some old footage (1983 supposedly) of Tom Araya singing Mötley Crüe’s “Looks That Kill”

Pretty awesome.

Sunday Metal – Amon Amarth & Doro

Amon Amarth WITH DORO! performing “A Dream That Cannot Be” from Summer Breeze.