Sunday Metal – Metallica

Metallica – Orion. Berlin, June 2006.

Sunday Metal – Pantera

Old footage from 1991 of a live Pantera performance.

Sunday Metal – Motörhead

An interesting performance from Motörhead… 1987, some French TV show. And… it’s a faked performance.

Go figure. 🙂

Sunday Metal – Slayer

Last week, a show from Slayer’s final tour.

This week, one of Slayer’s earliest shows from 1983, including “rare” and early songs. I mean “Assassin” is totally channeling Judas Priest (no surprise for Kerry & Jeff).

Plus at about 43 minutes in, some rehearsal recording (apparently in Tom’s garage).

Sunday Metal – Slayer

Slayer live in Camden, New Jersey May 24, 2019 – from their final tour.

Footage and sound is quality.

Sunday Metal – Metallica (demo)

Speaking of “power metal”, here’s Metallica’s second demo, from 1982, “Power Metal”

Sunday Metal – Pantera & Slayer

A bunch of video from 1989 of Kerry hanging out with Pantera. A bunch of studio footage of Dime & Kerry jamming in the studio, then Pantera rehearsing with Kerry – playing “South of Heaven”, Judas Priest covers. Then the show.

This was “Power Metal” days.

Sunday Metal – Diamond Head

Raw footage from 1979 of Diamond Head performing “Am I Evil?”. Apparently this was the first filmed performance of the band. The sound isn’t great, but it’s a cool piece of history.

Sunday Metal – Honky

Honky, with “Snortin’ Whiskey” – along with a couple special guests (Pep & Kirk)

Sunday Metal – Overkill

Overkill, Live at Metal Hammer (1986)