Sunday Metal – Slayer

Last week, a show from Slayer’s final tour.

This week, one of Slayer’s earliest shows from 1983, including “rare” and early songs. I mean “Assassin” is totally channeling Judas Priest (no surprise for Kerry & Jeff).

Plus at about 43 minutes in, some rehearsal recording (apparently in Tom’s garage).

Sunday Metal – Slayer

Slayer live in Camden, New Jersey May 24, 2019 – from their final tour.

Footage and sound is quality.

Sunday Metal – Metallica (demo)

Speaking of “power metal”, here’s Metallica’s second demo, from 1982, “Power Metal”

Sunday Metal – Pantera & Slayer

A bunch of video from 1989 of Kerry hanging out with Pantera. A bunch of studio footage of Dime & Kerry jamming in the studio, then Pantera rehearsing with Kerry – playing “South of Heaven”, Judas Priest covers. Then the show.

This was “Power Metal” days.

Sunday Metal – Diamond Head

Raw footage from 1979 of Diamond Head performing “Am I Evil?”. Apparently this was the first filmed performance of the band. The sound isn’t great, but it’s a cool piece of history.

Sunday Metal – Honky

Honky, with “Snortin’ Whiskey” – along with a couple special guests (Pep & Kirk)

Sunday Metal – Overkill

Overkill, Live at Metal Hammer (1986)


Sunday Metal – Exodus (proto-Metallica)

Supposedly a demo, but seems a live recording, of Exodus. Check out “Die by his Hand”… you Metallica fans will likely recognize the riff. Kirk’s still in Exodus at this point and it’s his riff…


Sunday Metal – Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister, live in 1982 – back when they were dangerous.

Sunday Metal – Whitesnake

Cool full-concert footage of Whitesnake from 1983 (looks to be in support of “Saints & Sinners”) – before the big hair-metal explosion, basically when he was still channeling Deep Purple. And check out Jon Lord on keyboards.

My favorite is the original “Here I Go I Again” vs. the later “hit” version… “hobo” being updated to “drifter”. I don’t know why, but I always found that lyrical change funny… “hobo” isn’t as cool as “drifter”. 🙂