Sunday Metal – The Ultimate Revenge

And, if we’re going to watch “The Ultimate Revenge 2”, we should watch the original “The Ultimate Revenge”.

Exodus, Slayer, Venom.

I loved this VHS. It was back when thrash metal was still raw and emerging. The interviews with Slayer and Venom are hilarious and so memorable.

“This ain’t no goldfish… this ain’t no tuna fish… and this ain’t no trout!”


Sunday Metal – Dark Angel

Yes, more Dark Angel. I bought “The Ultimate Revenge 2” VHS specifically for them (with Forbidden being a close second reason).

This is “No One Answers”

Sunday Metal – Dark Angel

More Dark Angel. “Death is Certain (Life is Not)” from “The Ultimate Revenge 2”

Sunday Metal – Dark Angel

From “The Ultimate Revenge 2”, Dark Angel with “The Death of Innocence”

Sunday Metal – Dark Angel

The legendary Dark Angel, live at Hammersmith 1989

Sunday Metal – When Metal Ruled the World: 80’s LA Sunset Strip

“Hair metal” holds a special place for me. The rise and fall of “glam metal”.

Sunday Metal – Venom

Venom, with their classic “Witching Hour”


Sunday Metal – Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden, live in Dortmund in 1983


Sunday Metal – KISS

Kiss, performing “Black Diamond” live in Anaheim 1976


Sunday Metal – Lemmy & Wendy

Lemmy & Wendy O’Williams – “Jailbait”