Radio Daze : 1 – Did you know I worked in radio?

Did you know I have a Minor in Music Industry? Yup – I have a Bachelor of Science in Human Communication, with a Minor in Music Industry. 

From 1990 through 1994 I studied & worked in the music industry. I worked at WXJM, James Madison University radio as “Cliff” the Metal Director/Dude. My weekly show was “Over the Edge, with Cliff”. I also worked at Q101 and Froggy99 as “John Williams”, both stations being Top40 with Adult Contemporary leanings – the kind of thing you hear in a doctor’s waiting room, with Rick Dees every Sunday morning. I interned one summer at WHVY Pure Rock 103.1 The Underground – that summer kicked ass! 

I wanted to be in radio, because rock-and-roll, baby! When I found out how broke I’d be, I panicked and fled to grad school to avoid the real world for another 2 years.  My time in rock-and-roll came to an end, but it’s all good. I had a great time.

That time afforded me some wonderful experiences. When we moved from Austin to Bryan in 2020, I had to clean and dispose of a lot of stuff. I have memorabilia from that time, including posters. I’d like to share some of them, and the memories I associate with them.

Stay tuned…

My FCC license, which I guess is still valid?