Sunday Metal – Death Angel

Death Angel – “Hatred United / United Hate”


Sunday Metal – Destruction

Destruction – “Under Attack”


Sunday Metal – Toxic Holocaust

Toxic Holocaust, with a live set from Santa Ana, CA on July 29, 2017


Sunday Metal – Body Count

Body Count – “Raining Blood/Postmortem” (Slayer cover)


Sunday Metal – Suicidal Tendencies

Suicidal Tendencies – “Living for Life”


Sunday Metal – Iron Reagan

Iron Reagan – “Miserable Failure”


Sunday Metal – Municipal Waste

Municipal Waste – “Breathe Grease”

Sunday Metal – Amon Amarth

Sometimes the YouTube rabbit-hole does not disappoint.

Amon Amarth, full live set from Los Angeles, May 2016. Fantastic recording, fantastic set list.


Sunday Metal – Satyricon

Satyricon is another band I don’t follow much, but I was listening to Jamey Jasta’s podcast and he was saying how awesome their song “King” was. So when the YouTube rabbit-hole presented me Satyricon’s 2016 Bloodstock performance (which closed with “King”), I gave it a listen.

Sunday Metal – Behemoth

I’m not really into Behemoth, but the YouTube rabbit hole presented their Bloodstock 2016 performance to me, and it’s an interesting watch.