Sunday Metal – Skid Row

OK, a little hair-metalish, but of the lot they did kick ass.

Here’s “Youth Gone Wild”, live in Toyko, Japan, New Years Eve 1990

Sunday Metal – Black Sabbath

Live Black Sabbath, from back in 1970, live in Paris

Sunday Metal – Celtic Frost

Cool old video of Celtic Frost performing “Into the Crypt of Rays”, with an interesting interview before the performance.

Sunday Metal – Twisted Sister

This is awesome.

January 1982 (TV) performance by Twisted Sister of their song “Under the Blade”.

It’s raw. It’s live. It’s high-energy It’s them performing – no backing tracks, no ProTools, no corrections.

And the choreography! 😂

Sunday Metal – Slayer & Nergal

Slayer performing “Evil has no Boundaries” with Nergal (Behemoth) on vocals. June 2019 in Poland.

Sunday Metal – Mötley Slayer

Some old footage (1983 supposedly) of Tom Araya singing Mötley Crüe’s “Looks That Kill”

Pretty awesome.

Sunday Metal – Amon Amarth & Doro

Amon Amarth WITH DORO! performing “A Dream That Cannot Be” from Summer Breeze.

Sunday Metal – KISS

Apparently this is the Alive II outtakes. Recorded at Budokan in 1977.

Sounds pretty good.

Sunday Metal – Scorpions

More Scorpions. This time a soundcheck from 1982.

Sunday Metal – Scorpions

This is pretty cool. Scorpions, performing “Still Loving You” (one of my favorite songs by them) on “Peters Popshow” November 1985.

Seems very lip synced (or maybe dubbed), because it sounds just like the record. Still tho…