Sunday Metal – Myrkur

Mykur, covering King Diamond’s “Welcome Home”. An amazing rendition.


Sunday Metal – Bad Brains

Let’s start off the new year with some PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)

Bad Brains – “Attitude”

Sunday Metal – Under the Influence: New York Hardcore

Noisey did a mini-documentary on the New York hardcore scene.

Agnostic Front. Madball. Murphy’s Law. Cro-Mags. Sick of it All. So many more.

Sunday Metal – The Surprising Origins of the Death Growl

For today’s Sunday Metal, a departure from the music and concerts and instead a look into where the “growling” vocals signature to some genres of metal came from.

While it’s truly hard to pinpoint where it all came from, Polyphonic’s examination of this was pretty cool. Even if you don’t dig this style of vocals, it’s worth the time to explore this bit of music history and evolution.

Sunday Metal – Motörhead

Because we miss Lemmy.

He may be gone, but it’s still so bad, baby.

Sunday Metal – Bolt Thrower

The mighty Bolt Thrower “Cenotaph”

Sunday Metal – Igorrr

Igorrr with “Opus Brain”

Sunday Metal – All That Remains

I’ve known about All That Remains for years, but never got into them. But recently read some articles and listened to some podcasts with singer Phil Labonte. I dig the guy and gave their music another chance. It’s growing on me.

“What If I Was Nothing”

Sunday Metal – Hatebreed

I have no idea what this is completely about, but it’s an old/early gig for Hatebreed from 1995. And about 2/3 of the way through it all devolves into a big fight.

Sunday Metal – Judas Priest

New stuff from Judas Priest – “Lightning Strike”