Sunday Metal – Whitesnake

Cool full-concert footage of Whitesnake from 1983 (looks to be in support of “Saints & Sinners”) – before the big hair-metal explosion, basically when he was still channeling Deep Purple. And check out Jon Lord on keyboards.

My favorite is the original “Here I Go I Again” vs. the later “hit” version… “hobo” being updated to “drifter”. I don’t know why, but I always found that lyrical change funny… “hobo” isn’t as cool as “drifter”. 🙂

Sunday Metal – Power Trip

Power Trip, from Moshfest 2011. Looks like it was recorded in someone’s basement or garage or something.

Very cool early capture of Power Trip.

Sunday Metal – Dead Boys

Sunday Metal – Slayer (early rehearsal)

A recording of a Slayer rehearsal, from probably around “Hell Awaits” given the songs they’re practicing.

Sunday Metal – Slayer (demo)

This is pretty neat.

Sounds like one of Jeff’s demo tapes (he would often 4-track with a drum machine to work out songs). Looks like the stuff that would become “Reign in Blood”

Sunday Metal – Cro-Mags

In 2001, John and Harley reunited. Here’s some songs from that performance:

Sunday Metal – Cro-Mags

Cro-Mags, 1987 performance from L’Amour


Sunday Metal – Motörhead

More Motörhead: “In the Name of Tragedy”

Sunday Metal – Motörhead

Motörhead classic: “Just ‘Cos You Got the Power”. Live, 2004.

Sunday Metal – Metallica

Metallica, live in Newark, 1989

It’s interesting to see the dressing room jams then… and how they do it now. The band really hasn’t changed (just a bigger production now).