Sunday Metal – Body Count

Body Count with “All Love Is Lost”

Sunday Metal – Havok

This is a pretty cool headlining full set from Havok @ the Gothic Theater, March 9, 2018.

Sunday Metal – Orange Goblin

Off the new Orange Goblin, “Sons of Salem”.

Not the best recording, but it was one of the first live performances. Pretty cool for that reason.

Sunday Metal – Primal Fear

I admit to not being too familiar with Primal Fear, but a co-worker mentioned them to me and they’re pretty cool.

This is “The Ritual”

Sunday Metal – Power Trip

Power Trip – “Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe)”

Reminds me a bit of Nasty Savage. Hell of a groove.


Sunday Metal – High on Fire

I know I just did one on High on Fire, but they have a new album coming – first single “Electric Messiah”.

Sunday Metal – Dee Snider

The new Dee Snider is killer.

“For the Love of Metal”

Sunday Metal – Rob Halford, 45 years of singing

This is a pretty cool video I stumbled into.

The video plays clips of Rob Halford singing over the past 45 years, mostly live performances. It’s really awesome to hear some of Rob’s earliest performances, his heyday, and then how he’s singing today. He can’t sing today like he used to, but he can still sing better than most people. What’s more interesting is to see how he’s adapted his vocal style to remain true to his style, but also adjust to the realities of life.

Well worth the listen, especially to hear some of those early gems.

Sunday Metal – Tony Iommi & Glenn Hughes

A bit of an off-beat track, from Tony Iommi & Glenn Hughes: “Let It Down Easy”

Sunday Metal – Kvelertak

Kvelertak  with “Evig Vandrar”