Sunday Metal – Dark Angel

The legendary Dark Angel, live at Hammersmith 1989

Sunday Metal – When Metal Ruled the World: 80’s LA Sunset Strip

“Hair metal” holds a special place for me. The rise and fall of “glam metal”.

Sunday Metal – Venom

Venom, with their classic “Witching Hour”


Sunday Metal – Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden, live in Dortmund in 1983


Sunday Metal – KISS

Kiss, performing “Black Diamond” live in Anaheim 1976


Sunday Metal – Lemmy & Wendy

Lemmy & Wendy O’Williams – “Jailbait”


Sunday Metal – OG Metallica

From Metallica’s 30th anniversary celebration: Metallica, with Lloyd Grant, Ron McGovney, and Dave Mustaine.

“Hit the Lights”


Sunday Metal – Metallica Fate

Here’s Metallica and Mercyful Fate, from back at Metallica’s 30th anniversary fest.

The big-ass watermark is annoying, but still a cool moment.


Sunday Metal – King Diamond

Another throwback, of King Diamond on the original 1987 “Abigail” tour.


Sunday Metal – King Pantera

Another one of King Diamond joining Pantera on stage at their ’92/’93 New Years bash. Showing Pantera’s love for Judas Priest, this is “The Ripper”.

The recording is crappy, but still pretty damn cool.