Radio Daze : 3 – Gene Hoglan & Dark Angel

Working as The Metal Dude at WXJM afforded me particular opportunities. When Dark Angel was promoting their album “Time Does Not Heal”, their drummer and principal songwriter Gene Hoglan was doing phone interviews. I got to do one.

All I remember was Gene being really cool. Very soft spoken. Smart dude. Not at all like you might expect from his imposing presence behind the drum kit. I actually have the recording on cassette… now I just need to figure a way to get from cassette to MP3. 🤔

When my daughter was drumming, I showed her videos of Gene (“cause I’m not cool!“). She has a Gene-autographed drum head from a Testament show in Austin in 2013.

I really love Dark Angel, especially the “Leaves Scars” album. You drew that “S” logo on math book. I drew the Dark Angel logo – we are not the same.

Autographed poster I received after the interview.
2013, probably @ Emo’s