Radio Daze : 14 – Spinal Tap

If you don’t know about Spinal Tap, correct yourself immediately. In 1992 they reunited and released Break Like the Wind. A lot of silly promotional materials accompanied the release, and working at WXJM I got my share of them.

The strangest of which was a colander… I tried to keep that one, but it was given away. It annoyed me at the time because the promo materials were sent to me, in my name, for me to decide the future of. Some of the ‘XJM clique now cared what was going on with Cliffy and barged over things – including the fate of the colander. My time at WXJM taught me a lot about “open-minded progressives”.

I did get a t-shirt, a fake backstage pass, and… a diploma. Bitch School is a song from the album, that harkens back to the “smell the glove” references. You just have to watch the movie. It was all silly and good fun.