2018-09-27 training log

That was fun.

Deload week. Supposed to work up to 465×1. Did 465×3.

Thing is, 465 is my current training max, but it’s also the best deadlift I’ve ever done — about 4 months ago I went looking for a 1RM and 465 was it. So to hit 3 today — and still have something in the tank, that’s pretty awesome.

Again, shouldn’t have done it, but meh. It was fun.

Accessory work is whatever – deload week. I am going to stick with RDLs for a while tho, to see what I can get out of them. And I am going to slightly bump up the reverse hypers too.

All in all, pretty nice.

5/3/1 (5th cycle, leader-2, 5/3/1+PR sets)

  • Deadlift (superset with band pullaparts)
    • 185 x 5
    • 275 x 5
    • 325 x 3
    • 375 x 3
    • 420 x 1
    • 465 x 3 (PR)
  • RDL
    • 275 x 4
    • 275 x 4
  • 1-Leg Reverse Hypers
    • 115 x 20e
  • Stationary Bike
    • 10 min

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