2018-09-25 training log

This was as good day.

It’s deload week, so 7th week protocol would have me work up to a single at my current training max, which is 275.

Thing is, 275 is the best I’ve ever done on bench. Ever. I know when I did it way back when it was a true 1RM and hard to get. Well, this cycle, when I was determining 1RM’s I worked up to 265 and stopped. I could have done more, but I opted against it. 265 was good enough. Sub-max work for the win!

So today well… I felt like going for it. I told myself to see how the first rep went. If it was good, do another. If that 2nd rep was good, go for a 3rd — but no more. It’s supposed to be deload, so I didn’t want to do anything that pushed towards failure or only leaving 1 rep in the tank. Well, after 3 reps I racked it. I felt like I had at least 2 more in the tank.

That’s pretty awesome. Hitting my all-time best weight, for 3 reps (vs. 1) and still having more reps in the tank.

Watching the video:

especially happy because bar speed was constant throughout.

I feel that hitting 300 is within reach. 315? Well… let’s hit 300 first. 🙂

Not much else for today. Just kept it light since it’s deload.

5/3/1 (5th cycle, leader-2, 5/3/1+PR sets)

  • Bench Press
    • bar x 10
    • 135 x 5
    • 165 x 5
    • 195 x 3
    • 225 x 3
    • 250 x 1
    • 275 x 3 (PR)
  • Bent-over Lateral Raises (superset with bench warm-up sets)
    • 25e x 8
    • 25e x 8
    • 25e x 8
    • 25e x 8
  • DB Rows (superset with bench work sets)
    • 95 x 6e
    • 95 x 6e
  • Narrow Grip Pulldowns
    • 90 x 10
    • 120 x 10
    • 120 x 10
  • Stationary Bike
    • 10 min