Sunday Metal: Life, Sex & Death

Remember the band Life, Sex & Death?

If you don’t, that’s OK. They were here one day then gone the next. Story is that back in the early 1990’s they hit the scene, a crazy bidding war went on amongst the record companies, and finally they signed and released their only album “The Silent Majority” in 1992.

Their gimmick was their lead singer, “Stanley”. Supposedly he was a homeless guy. He was odd, smelled (truly — anyone that got near him said he truly stunk), acted strange all the time, and other weirdness. And no one really knew if he was actually like this or if it was an act. Turns out it was in fact a gimmick, that the guy was doing performance art and really took it to the extreme by basically living as the Stanley character 24-7. Supposedly that drove everyone else in the band nuts and everything fell apart.


When their album came out I was working as an intern at WHVY 103.1 The Underground. I recall the album coming in, everyone getting a chuckle and of course buzzing about the band, but there wasn’t much radio-friendly. I mean songs like “Fuckin’ Shit Ass” really don’t fly with the FCC. Still, I believe “Tank” wound up being a single. They did come through on tour, I think to play at famed Baltimore venue Hammerjacks, and I had an opportunity to go see them because WHVY, but for some reason I didn’t go; I don’t remember why.

For whatever reason, the band popped into my head the other day and I went looking around about them. Seeing this live video of “Jawohl Asshole” makes me wish I had gone to see them: it looks like their live show would have been quite entertaining.


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