Ever wonder why I blog so much about lifting weights, diet, exercise, and so on? Sure, guns are fun, self-defense is important — but if self-defense is all about preserving your life, then probably a more important thing to do is take care of yourself.

Dr. Sherman House (never met the guy, but we’ve exchanged some chatter and he’s friends with many people I know and respect) just came back from the ether. He’s been on a hell of a ride and well… you’d do well to learn from his experience.

Click through, read on. And then, do something tangible with the learnings.


Well, it’s a long story.  Indulge me here for a few…there is a personal defense message near the terminus.  As some of you know, I am a dentist by trade.  I have worn other hats in a fairly exciting life.  I had the distinct displeasure of contracting tuberculosis WAY back in 1999 whilst working as a fireman/EMT in Western Washington State.  I had to take a handful of HUGE pills, everyday, for six months.  The pills (Pyrazinamide and Rifampin) made me itch, feel nauseous, and made my food taste metallic and not good.  I was exhausted, and spent most of that six months feeling like a sweaty, miserable, mess.  After the six months had passed, I still didn’t feel great, and it took some time until I was able to, “feel,” right again.

Fast Forward to 2012…it was an ugly year.  My dear friend, “Uncle,” Paul Gomez died suddenly, on…

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4 thoughts on “WHERE YOU BEEN?

  1. Ok, this is spooky…. Three times now this week Paul Gomez’s name came up….

    Also, holy cow. I went through the Atrial Fibrillation thing. Everything he said is spot on. I too had RF ablation surgery last April and I am still recovering but getting better every day.

  2. Thank you for sharing! And thanks for the well wishes. It’s a crazy story. If I hadn’t been in as good a shape as I was, from a life of public service, collegiate and amateur rugby (after college) I think I would’ve just been overcome by the virus and died. I’m hopeful that in about 40 more days, I’ll be fully back to normal. I’m back to doing 3 miles a day, six days a week, and lifting six days a week too. Once I’m off blood thinners and beta blockers, I’m looking forward to being able to get really aggressive with workouts again!

    • You opted to share your story, and I think it’s worth spreading because it validates some important things and presents some priorities.

      Glad you’re on the mend and back to kicking ass. 🙂

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