2016-02-17 training log

You know, it’s all good until the split squats. Those just suck. 🙂

That groove-finding with my squat, in terms of speed, is coming along. Not too slow, not too fast. Finding what’s right for me in terms of how fast I go down so that the hole and direction change still gets some stretch-reflex but isn’t some massive momentum change. I’m also finding myself being a little more upright and my quads are getting more into it than hip drive — and certainly, I can find myself making a conscious effort to drive from hips or quads, it’s kinda cool.

The smith hacks continue to be interesting… not really sure if they’re getting me anything.

But split squats… these are a motherfucker. I hate ’em. But they are very good for me; I can’t deny that.

In other news, it looks like just a couple more weeks of enjoyment, then it’s back on the cut diet. I’m hovering in the 210 range right now, and we’re going to work down to the 190 range, so probably 3-4 months. Personally I want it closer to 3 as 4 starts to sacrifice other things. So, this times out pretty decent with the template I’m on. I’ll finish out the full 6-week cycle of LRB here but what to do after that I’ve only started to think about. I certainly want to stay on 3x/week as that’s providing me better recovery — and with the stress at work right now, I need all the recovery and sleep I can get. I thought I might try 4-6 weeks of a Base Building type approach, of moderate weights and higher reps, especially while I still have a decent food intake. Then shift to whatever diet dicates later on.

We’ll see.

Ah food… you were fun while you lasted. 😉

  • Squats
    • 150 x 5
    • 175 x 4
    • 205 x 3
    • 230 x 2
    • 245 x 1
    • 270 x 1
    • 275 x 1
  • Smith Machine Hack Squats
    • bar x 10
    • 95 x 10
    • 115 x 10
    • 135 x 10
  • Leg Press
    • 135 x 10
    • 225 x 10
    • 275 x 10
    • 315 x 10
  • Split Squats
    • bw x 20
    • bw x 20
    • bw x 12
    • bw x 12

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