Sunday Metal – Songs of My Youth – Heavy Metal

I like giving “Sunday Metal” a theme, and so this theme is “Songs of My Youth”. I found heavy metal as a teenager and it’s always been a big part of my life. I wanted to highlight some songs that stand out from those youthful days.

Not so much a single song or a band, but a movie and its soundtrack.

I was in grade school. I remember the family across the street had a treehouse in their backyard. I was friends with the younger boy, who had an older brother. This older brother had put up a movie poster in the treehouse, for the movie “Heavy Metal”. It’s the movie poster classic shot of Taarna, and that was quite striking in every way to a young me.

Of course, the movie has more to do with the magazine “Heavy Metal” than the genre of music. But still, that magazine, that movie, those songs, they all played a role in my youth.

Sammy Hagar’s “Heavy Metal” is still a perfect hard rock anthem

And Don Felder’s “All Of You”, and the segment of the movie… classic.


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