2015-06-25 training log

Every day, strive to learn something.

Today I learned that elevating my heels is helpful. I’ve been working on improving my front squat form because I want to get the most benefit out of them. A big part has been working to keep my torso upright, but it’s not just upright, it’s…. out? puffed up? Think trying to push your xiphoid process up towards the ceiling and how that “puffs” the chest out and UP, the shoulders pulled back, the head even goes back a bit, and boy do things stay upright. That sort of thing. Well, I’ve been wanting to try elevating my heels, so today I did so. I put some 5# plates on the ground (so maybe 1/2″ of elevation) and put my heels up there. Between that and the torso work, my form sure was different. I videoed a couple sets and I could tell the difference in terms of my torso angle. I also could feel it… it felt more natural, less fighting to stay upright. Depth tho was interesting, because I found myself feeling not just more natural/normal but I was also going deeper into the hole. So while on paper I hit the same sets/reps as last week, it was a lot more work given the deeper range of motion.

All in all, not too bad.

Interesting note. Then just this morning before writing this I happened to see a video of Dan Green doing some front squats. He had a very wide stance, feet angled maybe 30º-45º, but a very upright torso. Interesting variation, but it obviously works for him (who am I to question an all-time-world-record powerlifter?). Plus he deadlifts sumo, so it probably all plays together.

Anyways, all in all, not bad. I learned something. Will keep elevating the heels because it seems I’ll get more benefit.

Had to cut the session short tho due to scheduling. Did some lunges, but not as many as I normally should. Ah well, life sometimes.

Based on Paul Carter’s “Guaranteed Muscle Mass” article.

  • Front Squat
    • bar x 5
    • bar x 5
    • 95 x 5
    • 110 x 4
    • 135 x 3
    • 165 x 2
    • 185 x 1
    • 155 x 8 (AMRAP)
    • 155 x 5 (50%)
  • Leg Press (350 Method)
    • 315 x 17
    • 315 x 15
    • 315 x 12
  • Lunge
    • Did some on the way out of the gym… however many that was.

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