Sunday Metal – Songs of My Youth – Ozzy

I like giving “Sunday Metal” a theme, and so this theme is “Songs of My Youth”. I found heavy metal as a teenager and it’s always been a big part of my life. I wanted to highlight some songs that stand out from those youthful days.

Like any good teenage male, I wanted to play guitar to be the guitar god. So when choosing the altar to worship at, it was simple: Eddie or Randy.

I was in the Randy camp.

Not that Eddie wasn’t awesome, but it was Randy’s background and interleaving of classical music into his playing that sold me. I had been studying music much of my life (piano, trumpet, french horn); my older sister was really into classical music, as were my parents. So with a lot of that around the house, Randy’s playing style resonated more with me.

“I Don’t Know” was one of the first Ozzy/Randy tunes that I learned to play:

But I think a more memorable moment for me was with the song “Crazy Train”. A reoccuring theme in my musical youth is my mother’s dislike for this music. One day I was wandering around the house with my acoustic guitar around my neck. I was playing “Crazy Train” and my mother actually stopped and commented on how nice that song sounded. See Mom? You just have to give it a chance. 🙂

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