2 thoughts on “Gone Huntin’

    • HA! 🙂

      Oldest took a nice doe. 110 yard shot with my 6.8 SPC-chambered AR, Wilson Combat 6.8 SPC ammo (with a 95 gr Barnes TTSX bullet — I love this setup). Textbook broadside shot. She did run some, had a bit of hard time finding her in the tall weeds, but Oldest recalled hearing a “crash” like the sound of bushes/trees and was able to find her.

      It was also his first time to clean anything (in the past I always did the dirty work). So it was a good educational day for him. Yielded a fair amount of meat (for a doe), which we already got back from the processor and enjoyed some ham steaks this past Sunday. 🙂

      Bottom line: got to spend time with my son. So, that’s a win of a day for me.

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