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Aikido sword cutting demonstration. See, it’s not the tool; it’s the person using it. And if this isn’t the tool you use, because it is about the person using it, you as the tool user can learn much here that can be applied to whatever tool you choose to use.

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Aikido/Sword instructor Koichi Kashiwaya Demonstration
by Brent Yamamoto

Notice that none of the techniques are overly complex, they are only simple diagonal, horizontal, and downward cuts. This is not to say that any of them are easy.

Although some of the cuts are from a static position, most involve movement. In most of these sequences, he is moving…either before, after, or even during the cut.

There are many good cutters out there, but most do so only from static positions. This is akin to standing still shooting holes through paper at the range…it is useful practice but it is not fighting. Fighting requires movement, along with the recognition that you must balance hitting while not being hit.

Movement is not wasted, telegraphing is minimized. Muscles are relaxed rather than overly tense. Smooth is fast.

Accuracy. At this distance the focus is on the target. He is not focused on his…

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