Sunday Metal – My Favorite Testament

Back in my teenage years, I loved the “Practice What You Preach” album, but as I got more familiar with Testment’s discography I find that it’s a good album but really not that great. Maybe it’s the production? Alex’s getting more progressive in his playing, I don’t know. “Practice” is still a great tune, but I guess I think they have stronger albums.

Their most recent, “Dark Roots of Earth” I think is a strong offering, with the first half of the album being so solid.

But if there’s any Testament album that gets more plays in my iTunes library, it’s “The Gathering”. And while there’s killer tracks like “D.N.R.”, “Eyes of Wrath”, “Riding the Snake”… the one track I have to crank to 11 every single time I listen to it is “Three Days in Darkness”


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