2012-09-15 live fire practice

Following TLG’s sample dry fire routine.

The routine allows for substitution of live fire for dry fire, so my “week 1 day 5” was replaced with some live fire.

I was assisting at KR Training, so I didn’t get to do much formal, but I did a few things.

Let’s just say I stunk up the joint.


Well, I’ll break down some things.

Before DPS1 we do a pre-test with some reactive targets. I was going to demonstrate something to a student. No prep, no forethought that I was going to do this, it just happened as the course of conversation went to say “this is what you do”, and I just drew, 1 shot on target 1, 1 shot on target 2, both reactives fell over, and that was that. There was no thought, no nothing, cold, nailed it in short order.

That made me quite happy. Of course that’s what I should do, but what got me about it was hitting it cold, no thought, no prep, no nothing. Very happy with that.

But later on, there’s this “hostage” target Karl has, where it looks like a large steel IDPA/IPSC-shaped no-shoot with a small flapper just over the shoulder… probably 4-6″ (one of these days I need to measure precisely how much is exposed). It was probably 20 yards from me. I went through 3 magazines: 1 2H, 1 SHO, 1 WHO. I thought I was doing OK because I kept listening for the distinctive “flap” sound it makes when you hit it. Then Hogel comes up and asked who shot up the no-shoot — “because I just painted it”. *sigh* Looks like it was me, having a bunch of “near target hits”, or rather, unacceptable hits on the hostage. *sigh* Looks like the flapper activated either from splatter or impact vibration. *sigh*  I was most upset with that, thinking I was doing well, but I wasn’t.

On some other steel work, I was hitting poorly. I could tell what it was: trigger slapping, plain and simple.

The bad part was, I just didn’t have enough time to shoot on my own to really work and try to diagnose the problem. To shoot as I have in dry fire. There’s still a disconnect in my head somewhere. I need to figure some things out, collect my thoughts, then go talk with Karl.

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