Maybe I need some “damp” fire

I’m taking a small break from the dry fire routine.

I need to fall back and regroup. While following TLG’s sample routine is certainly a good starting template, I have been thinking it’s time to adjust it more to address my specific needs.

I’m also bothered by my performance this past Saturday. Something isn’t clicking, something isn’t happening between live fire and dry fire. I don’t know. But I can say, I’ve got a trigger slapping problem. Maybe I just need a lot more live fire, putting holes in paper, and seeing what happens. That is, do more of my diagnostics in live fire. I do think that’s part of my problem… let live fire tell me what to work on, then work on it in dry. I just need a lot more live…and I need time for that. *sigh*

But I might have a possible solution.

“Damp” fire. 🙂  Or at least, that’s what I’m calling it.

It’s not live fire, but it’s not dry fire either. Basically, it’s getting an Airsoft gun and working with that. My hope is it will be close enough to my real rig and I’ll get the active feedback of a hole in paper to see what I’m doing wrong. I mean, I’ve been thinking how a lot of ball-and-dummy drill is in my future, but that means I need real live fire, which is not always possible for me. But I can do Airsoft at home, and that can be better than nothing. Or so I hope.

It may not solve my problems, but it might. We’ll see. What’s the harm. Plus then I’ll have an Airsoft gun to use in FoF scenarios. 🙂

I have purchased an M&P replica. This one is CO2-powered, which I’m OK with. Supposedly can get 200-250 shots per cartridge. Supposed to be metal and have a good heft. All signs point to being a reasonable attempt at replicating my carry rig, tho we’ll see how the trigger is by comparison.

It’s been shipped and is on its way. Hopefully will be here before the weekend. I’ll report back on it later.

4 thoughts on “Maybe I need some “damp” fire

    • It’s the replica model of the M&P that uses CO2. As far as I can tell, any M&P-replica Airsoft that’s out there is all this same model, same manufacturer… only differences is there’s a CO2 model and a spring-air model.

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