Lack of Internet can be good

Time-Warner Cable went on the fritz. No TV. No Internet. Nothing.

And with this level of reliability, they wonder why I keep turning them down for their Digital Phone service.

But lack of Internet was good this afternoon. It forced me to do some things that needed to be done, such as giving my Savage bolt-action rifle a long-overdue cleaning. As long as I was cleaning rifles, I spent a good deal of time detail cleaning the Bushmaster hunting AR. I repeat, I don’t like carbine-length gas systems and won’t buy one ever again.

Kids also had to deal with no TV and Internet. We had gone to Hobby Lobby last night and picked up some Sculpey clay. Neat stuff. They’ve been making all sorts of little things this afternoon. Neat stuff. I love watching my kids run with their imaginations.

Of course, now Internet is back, thus I did some work I had to do for my other job. But the kids? Still playing. 🙂

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