God, I needed that.

OK. The sun is up. Time to get going.

Shit. It’s 40º out. Damn weatherman said it’d be in the 50’s. Oh well. Doesn’t matter. I’m going anyway.

Don my coat, get the keys, and into the garage. A small feeling of guilt comes over me because I haven’t taken her out in months. Will she fire up? That Battery Tender, Jr. was a good investment. Open the petcock. Put in the key and turn her on. There goes the fuel pump, hungrily pumping gas into the carburetor bowls. Choke on full. Press the starter. Starts right up. Drop the choke to half and let her idle for a bit to warm up. While she warms up let’s check on things. Lights working. Brakes and brake lights working. Signals are fine. Shocks good. Visual once-over. Looking and sounding good. Kill the engine. Hrm…. tires need some air… pull the pump out of the saddlebags and let it run. Bike seems in good shape. I vow to never again let this much time pass between rides.

Go back in the house to suit up. Full leathers and some extra insulation. 40º air temps and 65 MPH winds make it feel like 20º or less. Where’s my helmet’s air damn? Ah… left it in the saddlebags. Go fetch. Install. That will keep the chill out of the helmet. Take off my XD. Slip the snub in the jacket pocket. Rearrange the wallet and iPhone for easier access. Kiss Wife and Kids good-bye.

“Where are you going?”

“Lockhart run.”

Wife smiles back. She knows “Lockhart run” means bringing home the best damn BBQ in Texas.

Back to the garage. Climb on. Out of the garage and fire her up. Man, those Roadhouse Classic pipes sound great; I’m so happy I bought them and installed them myself. Make a gut check… it’s been too long since I’ve been on. Pull out of the driveway and it feels good to be on 2-wheels again. Damn cold air. Sure the Pinlocks are great for the helmet visor not fogging, but my damn glasses still fog up. *sigh* Crack the visor open until things even out.

Getting my legs back under me. On the way out of the subdivision practice a few emergency braking techniques. Remind myself it’s Super Bowl Sunday and there’s likely to be more people on the road on a Sunday morning due to the need to prep for parties. That also means they’re going to be distracted and not paying attention. Keep your guard up.

Get gas. Man, I’m so glad I use Seafoam as I’m sure that’s what kept the fuel in the tank happy.

OK, let’s head out to the highway.

Man, this feels good.

Hrm. Lots of scenery has changed since I last did this run. All that SH-130 construction I guess. Man, can’t wait until they finish that.

Wow, things really have changed. I wonder what this will look like once the highway is in. Yeah sure there’s still some fields and farms and cows and such to see, but all this construction and stripping of the earth will just be concrete eventually. Certainly not as pretty. But well… todays’ run is all business. It’s too cold to stay out for hours and take the backroads.

Sure enough, even with all my layers, the cold is creeping in. Dang. I should have put that balaclava on my neck. Fingers getting the worst of it as usual. Need to ask Larry about those deflectors again.

Ah, Lockhart. Black’s BBQ. They always treat me right. Let’s see… I’ll get the family pack, brisket of course but throw in a couple sausage links for Oldest. Mac & cheese (for Daughter), pinto beans (Wife), and potato salad. Oh heck… get a pint of banana pudding too.

“Can you guys wrap it all up in foil and plastic bags so it doesn’t get all in my saddle bags?”

“Yes sir, not a problem.”

Oh yeah… don’t forget to grab plasticware. It’s nice to just have the meal with zero cleanup.

BBQ into the saddlebags. Helmet and gloves back on. Let’s head back out. No more leisure riding, gotta get home before the meat gets cold.

Man… why is seeing all of this construction bothering me so? Loss of the pretty scenery I guess. Oh well, need to crank it home.

OK, onto the FM road to get over to I-35. This guy’s going too slow, dashed yellow line, open that throttle and pass. Man, I love opening the throttle. Getting pressed back into the backrest from all that torque is wonderful.

Settle into a groove, speed limit dropping as we come through this one area…. bank to the left… and holy shit this asshole is passing me on the curve! Double yellow lines, cars coming at him, and he’s passing me like this? Holy fucking shit you asshole! I don’t care if you Darwin yourself, but damnit don’t put my life in danger like that. But let it go. Don’t flip him off… does no good. Yeah he’s a asshole, but don’t let it ruin the ride. Just let it go.

Back to the highway… damn I hate being around 18-wheelers when I don’t have the protective cage around me. No matter. Just ride on.

Stop light. Damn. Didn’t realize how cold my toes had gotten. Fingers certainly stiff and cold now too. Light’s going to change soon so no chance to warm them by the heat of the engine. Almost home. Home… warm home.

Into the garage. Kill the engine. Sit there a moment and savor it.

God, I needed that.

Riding is my therapy. I need lots of therapy right now. V-twin therapy.

Time to eat some brisket.

5 thoughts on “God, I needed that.

  1. When we liver in Maxewell (right next to the San Marcos airport) I always liked to go to Kreuz- where your utensiles are at the end of your hands)- but they’re closed on Sundays.

    • That’s one reason I rarely go there — closed on Sunday. However I must admit that while I think their meat is good I don’t care for anything else there.

    • OK. In fact you know… TXGunGeek made a good point. We ought to organize some sort of “Central Texas Gun Blogger” shoot.

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