.223 reloads, next chapter?

So my .223 reloads weren’t working out, and I had decided to put it on the shelf. A combination of frustration at the whole thing, feeling like I wasted a lot of time and money, not sure where to go next, and I need to focus on 9mm reloading right now.

I spoke with experienced reloaders and there’s a zillion things that could be causing the accuracy problems.

Frankly, I just don’t have the money or gumption to keep trying to chase this down. But I’m not willing to admit defeat. I’m just not sure where to go next, but I am willing to put it on the backburner and let things simmer a bit.

I’ve picked up some Federal P223S, which is the 55 grain Barnes TSX load. Federal says that’s good for deer. My take? I’ve got an itch to go hog hunting. As soon as the weather stops sucking so bad, I’m going to try to go hog hunting and I’ll take the AR and the P223S and see how it does. If it doesn’t perform, well… then I can stop trying to reload it for this purpose because if the bullet and load won’t work well…. what’s the point? I’m sure it will work tho.

I’m thinking a couple things:

1. Cor-Bon makes a load with the 62 grain TSX. Order a couple boxes of that. See how it performs in and of itself. As well, look at how they load it and see if I can learn anything from it. For instance, whatever their overall length is, try replicating that.

2. Before I load any more expensive TSX bullets, buy cheap FMJ bullets and do some work with .223 loads to see if I can even just make a decent .223 plinking load. I’d also load these on the Hornady Lock-n-Load progressive press… wonder what sort of difference that would make versus. the single stage press.

I don’t know. Just lots of speculation and thinking, and I’m sure I’ll do more before I load .223 again. Need to focus on 9mm right now.

One thought on “.223 reloads, next chapter?

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