Sunday Metal – Wrathchild America

Growing up in the Washington D.C. area, Wrathchild America was a local band. I admit I didn’t follow the band back in their early Wrathchild days, but while writing this blog entry I came upon this excellent documentary piece on the band:

Nothing screams ’80’s metal like getting your hair done, eh? It’s rather amusing to watch the guys getting their hair highlighted, primping… how… manly. 🙂  Of course, the drummer, Shannon Larkin is still going today, playing in Godsmack. And it seems guitarist Terry Carter has gone country. Oh, how things have changed. 🙂

Again, during my radio days I got to see the band a great deal. In fact, they were the first band I interviewed at the start of my radio career, in support of their 3-D album. I think Terry and Brad were a little annoyed with me, but I was young and new and had no clue. Still, I saw Wrathchild America many times during their career and always enjoyed their musicianship, their stage banter (they were constantly joking), and their live shows were always a fun party.

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    • Awesome write-up. I do miss Wrathchild America. Got to see them a fair bit growing up in the DC area. When 3-D was coming out they did a small (I think 4 show) acoustic tour… one took them right into my area at the time and being the Metal Guy at the college radio station I interviewed the guys. Got to talk with Brad and Terry. It was pretty cool.

  2. cool – thank you!

    *Acoustic “unplugged” W.C. -I would love to hear that!

    I wish I would have took a video camera to the place I shot the photos. I did record some audio. There are a couple of clips in my VAULT section:

    Your right their stage banter was great. They either had the crowd flippin’ the bird, screaming and or chanting “Slave to My Dick” (by the Subhumans) at the top of their lungs.


    • It was pretty cool. If I remember they played new tunes, old tunes, a bunch of covers, and just had fun.

      Seemed to be the mantra for the band… to just have fun. They always seemed to be doing so.

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