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Yet another follow-up from the day of classesa little rant about gun fit.

I know exactly what he’s talking about, since I was there in class. 🙂  There were a few people that had guns that just did not fit them. They had small hands, they would have a big gun. The gun did not fit them well, so they would do all sorts of gymnastics to try to fire the gun. And yes, they could fire it, but they couldn’t fire it well. We did our best to remedy things.

I’ll let the TXGunGeek elaborate on this matter. I will add a link to this guide on the KR Training website.

Updated: TXGunGeek has now elaborated.

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  1. They’ve probably had it drilled into their heads that capacity is king, and they won’t survive a self-defense encounter without 16 round magazines. (Hrm, where did I read that?) :)-~

    Anyway, even accounting for action types and makes, I shoot single stack guns better. I just do, and I don’t have small hands.

    Or, was it some other issue, in which case I’ll shut up.

    • Did I say it was king? I do think capacity is important, and if I can choose to carry X with N number of rounds or could carry Y with N+ number of rounds, all other things about X and Y being equal I’d go for Y. If you don’t think capacity is important, then just load 1 bullet in your magazine and carry that since 1 is all you need, right? 😉

      You are right tho. In the end, you have to shoot what you shoot best. Some uber-capacity big-ass gun that you can’t shoot worth a darn will likely be more hinderance than help. In the class I saw this lady shooting a big old XD that just looked like a giant in her hands. I told Tom who told Karl who took her aside and worked with her alone on the small range and different guns. When Karl left he was going to have her try some 1911’s (I know he’s got some set up for smaller hands), and when the lady rejoined the rest of the class she was shooting one of his S&W M&P’s, and I don’t know for sure but I’d bet they swapped the backstrap for the small one. Her shooting improved. Fit matters, moreso than capacity, but capacity still matters IMHO.

      If you shoot the single stacks better, then shoot them. Still tho, I’d be curious about you with an STI 2011 or one of those double-stacked Para’s and some thin grip panels. 🙂

      • I agree that we agree that there are a lot factors that must be weighed. ;)-~ Optimizing for any one factor is foolish. The result has to be something you can shoot well, or what’s the point?

        I do want a 2011. The STI VIP looks perfect for carrying (for me).

        Maybe’s it’s all the grip tape on the 2011’s I have fondled, but they feel good, just a little blocky in the front strap.

        The Para’s don’t feel right to me. For all I know they are actually the same shape as the 2011, but something doesn’t feel right.

        Anyway, I didn’t mean to imply you personally are pointing them towards the wrong guns.

        I don’t think you’ve ever said you must buy such and such with this and this, but you have to admit at least a slight bias on here towards the double-stack 9mm.

        (As an example, in one of your blog entries you implied it would be foolish to carry a 1911 when you could carry an XD with more capacity.)

        You are rubbing off on me though. Besides my infatuation with the VIP, the other day I was thinking I should pick up some 10 round magazines for my CQB. I think they probably won’t work for concealed carry, but for first line home defense, why not have more rounds in the gun?

        • I’m glad that we agree on agreeing to agree about agreeing. Makes things go a lot smoother. 😉

          I would love it if STI offered a facilities tour, and free samples at the end of the tour. I can dream.

          I will not deny my bias towards double-stacked 9mm. But it is what works for me. I think you’ve rubbed off on me too, bringing me back to the stance that the bottom line is the gun has to work for you. Having the “correct” gun that fits you, functions properly, and allows you to shoot best, that’s really the key.

          The 10 rounders for carry? Who knows, they might work depending HOW you carry… probably not tho. But yes, no harm in using them around the house or in other places where concealment is less of a concern.

          In the end tho, we both rub off on each other. Again, I have you to blame for so much of this. 😉

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