A fine day for shooting

Just returned from a morning at KR Training. Today was just a Basic Pistol 1 class; there was another class in the afternoon but I guess between the heat and the Labor Day weekend, enrollment was small enough that Karl could handle it solo.

While the heat is starting to decline, it’s still hot out. Because of this, the past some BP1 classes have been slightly modified. Instead of 2 hours of lecture then about an hour on the range, we’ve been doing an hour inside to cover safety and basics of shooting, then we go to the range, then come back in to cover things like types of guns, actions, parts, nomenclature, and so on. It gets us onto the range sooner, while it’s cooler. It’s slightly awkward because when you’re on the range you find yourself wanting to talk about certain things that won’t be introduced until we get back inside. But I think the switch actually works better. It forces a little better time management, it ensures enough time on the range, and the best part is it helps the students understand things more when we come back in to talk about things. It actually works out well, and helps to generate better questions and better understanding. We may keep the format, thank you Mother Nature. 🙂

I think the biggest thing that came out of the class was discussion of gun fit. If you search my blog you’ll find many previous discussions of the topic, but if you just want to click on something, click here; that article refers to a good guide as well as some writings by the TXGunGeek (a fellow KR Training instructor). I ran a station with 3 different 1911’s all in different calibers, different options, and with the variety of students we had (women with small hands, men with small hands, men with large hands, men with really huge hands) it was useful to show them how guns can vary in fit and how simple modifications can be made to help guns fit better. When a gun fits better, you’ll shoot better, you’ll enjoy it more, you’ll be more apt to practice. All good things.