Sunday Metal – Tyketto

Oh man… take me back to my radio daze. In 1990 David Geffen was enjoying success so he spun off a new record label, DGC. To help get it started, harder rock bands like… Nelson… were signed. Of course if you have a formula you keep milking it, and so Tyketto.

I remember seeing Tyketto’s album come into the station in 1991 – simply because that name was so odd, it stuck in your head. I never gave it a chance. It was the early 90’s. Hair metal was passé, or at least, these guys didn’t seem to embrace what made that music so good – and so, it never really took off. And then… DGC signed this obscure little band from Seattle called Nirvana and the world changed.

I admit, the YouTube rabbit hole brought this one up and writing this post I let the song spin – the first time I really listened to it. It’s not bad.

Tyketto with “Forever Young”