Sunday Metal – Scorpions

Scorpions “Still Loving You”, August 31, 1985, Oakland.

One thing I appreciated about Scorpions was their ballads were composed different from the times. It wasn’t just box chord progressions.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Metal – Scorpions

  1. They were one of those bands, where their work is much deeper than just the 2 or 3 hits that everyone knows (my personal favorite example is Extreme, of “More Than Words” fame). Looking at the slug on this post (sunday-metal-scorpions-7) tells me you agree that the Scorpions catalog is worth digging into.

    • Oh yeah… Scorpions is deep. There was the whole 70’s catalog, the Uli Jon Roth era. But then a major shift/revival in the 80s. And they’re still going strong. I just appreciated how their songs, their style, their writing – it wasn’t just canned progressions and same old stuff. There was a much greater depth to what they did. That’s what I appreciated about other such bands like Ratt or Great White – they were “of the genre/era” but they weren’t “of the formula”.

      I didn’t realize my slug was up to 7 on them. HA! I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t go that deep, but just repeated some of my favorites again and again. 🙂

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