2018-10-02 training log

Didn’t get the PR I wanted, but did get an even better PR.

This week starts a new cycle, based around 3+/5/1+ (5/3/1 for Powerlifting) with Joker sets.

Work-up was to 250. I got 7 reps a few weeks ago on 3 week, so I was gunning for 8. Didn’t happen. The set was crap. Very unhappy with how it went. But then it was Joker time.

Before the session I planned to at least do 1 set of 1, and maybe a second set of 1 if things felt good. I do like doing at least 2 Joker sets on 3’s week, but I wasn’t sure. First, how did I feel. Second, the math for this put it at 280 for that 2nd Joker set. You see, 275×1 is the best I’ve ever benched – ever. So to try to bench 280 for a single after all that work? I wasn’t sure. Now, last week I did 275×3 and had a few left in the tank – so 280 itself shouldn’t be an issue. But after all that work, the shitty 250 set, I just wan’t sure.

But I opted to go for it. Because what’s the worst that can happen? And if I get it, that would kick ass – not just simply the great PR it would be, but under the circumstances too.

So I went for it. Got it. Went easy!

In fact, my spotter was surprised I only went for 1 (you can hear it at the end of the video).

Yeah… I have 300 in me. I’ll get there eventually tho. No rush.

What I really enjoy about this is doing things I’ve never done before. Pushing myself beyond my limits. Building greater confidence in my abilities, and my ability to READ my capabilities and limits. It’s pretty cool.

And this increases my confidence for the rest of the week. Can’t wait to see what deadlift and press sessions will bring!

5/3/1 (6th cycle, anchor, 3+/5/1+PR, Joker)

  • Bench Press
    • bar x 10
    • 110 x 5
    • 140 x 5
    • 170 x 3
    • 195 x 3
    • 225 x 3
    • 250 x 7
    • 265 x 1 (Joker)
    • 280 x 1 (Lifetime PR)
    • 165 x 10
    • 165 x 10
    • 165 x 10
  • Bent-over Lateral Raises (superset with bench warm-up sets)
    • 25e x 13
    • 25e x 13
    • 25e x 13
    • 25e x 13
  • DB Rows (superset with bench work sets)
    • 100 x 12e
    • 100 x 12e
    • 100 x 12e
  • Narrow-Grip Pulldowns
    • 90 x 10
    • 120 x 12
    • 120 x 12
    • 120 x 12
  • Stationary Bike
    • 10 min

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