2018-10-01 training log

Things are feeling better.

I think taking this approach is helping. Is it helping my 1RM? TBD. But it is helping me fix my technique and rebuild confidence. More warm-up, slower work-up, then just hitting heavier singles. I can focus more on what I need, which is technique and confidence.

Today was working to remember upper back and torso tightness. Wasn’t great, but was better. But the cool part was I didn’t think so much about my legs, depth, etc. and that went well. In fact, watching video, depth was quite good. I gotta just stop (over)thinking so much.

One nice thing that’s happening too is I changed my warm-up a bit. I spend a little more time doing bodyweight squats working that up too. I start by standing, bending over to touch my toes — not just the stretch, but also helping my lower back to expand and relax. After that settles in well (I don’t rush it any more), I just keep my fingers on my toes and bend my knees. Take a long as I need, but this sort of forward position takes some of the weight off and thus I can ease into things better. I do that for a bit to start greasing the wheels. Once that feels good, I do proper bodyweight squats. I’m finding I can move a LOT faster now too!

I think the reduced volume has helped; not so beat up.

So all in all, this change-up is looking like a win. We’ll see where it takes me.

6th cycle, fixing my squat; modeled after Strong-15

  • Squat (superset with band pullaparts)
    • bar x 10
    • 135 x 8
    • 175 x 5
    • 205 x 4
    • 240 x 3
    • 265 x 2
    • 275 x 1
    • 295 x 1
    • 315 x 1
  • Pause Squats
    • 230 x 5
  • Leg Press (feet high and wide)
    • 90 x 15
    • 270 x 15
    • 360 x 15
    • 450 x 12
  • Stationary Bike
    • 10 min