2018-07-10 training log

Deload week continues. Bench Press day.

It was… ok. I chose to video all my main lifts this week, so not having music does seem to have an effect on me. Not just the “psyche-up”, but also how it cuts out all the noise of the gym. This could be the gym’s music (which isn’t always to my liking), or just the chatter of other people nearby. I don’t want to listen to their conversations, but you just can’t stop their words from entering your ears – it does distract me some.

And I think that’s why I did all of my reps touch-and-go instead of pausing the first rep. Since music won’t play while recording, I was in a hurry to get the music back in my ears. LOL. 🙂

Also, the irritation of my biceps tendon at the elbow remains. It’s not the crippling pain problems, it’s something different — truly irritation of the tendons. I do think I know what’s causing it (and am taking steps), but as I thought about it, I think the lack of direct biceps work during these cycles contributes. A little bit of direct biceps work has been historically good for me (i.e. do curls instead of residual via rows). I’ve been thinking about adding some back in on the next full cycle, but I may add a little in on this upcoming anchor run over the next 3 weeks.

Apart from that, benching was generally OK.

Everything else was just light work, because deload.

5/3/1 (Based on: Forever, BBB, 5’s PRO)

  • Bench Press
    • bar x 5
    • 105 x 5
    • 135 x 5
    • 155 x 3
    • 180 x 5
    • 210 x 3
    • 235 x 1
    • 260 x 1
    • 135 x 10
    • 135 x 10
  • Bent-over Lateral Raises (superset with bench warm-up sets)
    • 15e x 15
    • 15e x 15
    • 15e x 15
    • 15e x 15
  • Kroc Rows (superset with bench work sets)
    • 60e x 10
    • 60e x 10
  • Curl-grip Pulldowns (superset with bench BBB sets)
    • 130 x 12
    • 130 x 12
  • Pushdowns
    • 95 x 20
  • Bike
    • 23 minutes