2017-08-29 training log

One thing I really like about the new gym is how I find myself improving in my squat form.

To have a good platform to stand on. To have a rack where I can set the bar height exactly where it’s right for me, and then to be able to have spotter/catch pins/bars where it’s proper. And yes, even the full-length mirror in front of me is good to ensure I am hitting depth. That said, I have to stop looking at the mirror and worrying about depth because I find myself focusing too much on it and not squatting itself.

Still, I’m finding the equipment setup good. I continue to enjoy working up with some heavier singles as it is helping my technique. I am getting whole-body tight on the descent, and it makes for a slower descent, but that’s better for me. It enables me to ensure I’m staying in control, in the groove, and well… given all my little age and “beat-up-body” issues, I can manage those on the way down, especially through whole-body tightness. Getting the weights back will come.

That said, cranking 15 reps on the AMRAP was a bitch. 😉 But an interesting thing. I had put 235 in RepCount, and I THOUGHT it was a mistake. That is, I wanted the squat AMRAP to work up to 15 before I added weight. So I did 225 today. Looking back in my records, I’m not really sure. Two weeks ago I did 225 for 12, then last week apparently 235 for 13. So I don’t know. 🙂 But 225 for 15 today was fine. I will probably go 245 now, especially if in fact last week was 235 for 132. That should drop the AMRAP back down to probably the 8-10 range, which is where I’d want it to be. I don’t think I’ll bump anything on the workup — let that 320 be faster. It’s solid, but I can make it faster. I will probably bump the 3-rep down-set to 290/295. I even thought about adding a 50% set but remembered that I really am not interested in failure on squats right now. That I’m trying to use this time to help me with technique and continuing to build confidence with heavier weights. So going to failure isn’t the right thing to do (other than just the 1 AMRAP set, which I strive to make every rep solid).

I remembered to use a deficit on the stiff-legs today. 😉

Then I thought about trying the reverse hyper again. I found some more YouTube videos — done by Louie Simmons — on using it, so I feel better about approach and technique. Still, I don’t think my lower back is quite ready. I’m adding additional stretches before, after (and even a little during) all my workouts. I’m also spending a bunch of time in the “stretching area” before I leave the gym. I’m stretching and spending a bunch of time with the foam roller and a tennis ball, working on back stuff. I think I need a little more of that before I try the reverse hyper again.

  • Squat
    • bar x 10
    • 135 x 5
    • 165 x 4
    • 195 x 3
    • 245 x 2
    • 275 x 1
    • 305 x 1
    • 320 x 1
    • 285 x 3
    • 225 x 15 (AMRAP)
  • 1″ Deficit Stiff-Leg Deadlift
    • 235 x 8
    • 235 x 8
    • 235 x 8
  • Split Squats
    • BW x 15e
    • BW x 15e
    • BW x 15e
    • BW x 5e