2017-08-28 training log

Hurricane Harvey cannot stop International Chest Day. 😉

Austin actually fared pretty well through Harvey. Driving to the gym this morning I saw more damage, but all in all Austin seems to have weathered the storm pretty well. We are lucky. South/East Texas is not so lucky. Please consider doing what you can to help with relief efforts. It’s going to be months before things return to normal.

Today’s session certainly had my brain in other places. I mis-loaded the bar a couple times. At my old gym, all the plates were the same — same brand, same sizes. At the new gym, there’s a mishmash of plates, so you HAVE to look and check. Well, I got complacent and misloaded a couple times. Some 10’s were on the rack where 5’s normally are, and just the differences, well… that’s what I get. Oddly, I didn’t notice much difference while lifting — a slight tilt, but it didn’t feel too off. Part of that I think comes from getting used to these bars still. They spin MUCH more freely than the old gym’s bars, and I’ve even noticed as I’ve loaded these bars that I’ll see how things spin and settle. So I’m still getting used to unracking the bar and things having to settle. To having to find a better hand position so I don’t risk dropping it on myself. For sure, crush-gripping the bar is helping — and if “not dropping the bar on my face” has to be my cue to remember to crush-grip the bar, so be it.

Given that, I opted to do a bit more single work, so I can continue to get used to heavier but not too heavy weights. Things to help with the equipment issues. All in all, things went fine.

I think I’m finding the weights to use on the DB presses, striving for 6-8 first set, 8-15 second set, 12-25 third set.

Then all the pressing/delt work I’m so digging. It’s tough, it’s pushing to failure as much as possible.

I’m looking forward to next week, when I start throwing in intensity techniques on things.

  • Incline Press
    • bar x 5
    • 95 x 5
    • 120 x 4
    • 140 x 3
    • 175 x 2
    • 200 x 1 (mis-load, should have been 195)
    • 215 x 1
    • 182.5 x 12 (AMRAP) (mis-load, should have been 180)
    • 182.5 x 4 (50%)
  • DB Bench Press
    • 40e x 10
    • 55e x 8
    • 80e x 8
    • 60e x 13
    • 40e x 20
  • DB Flat Flies
    • 20e x 12
    • 20e x 12
    • 20e x 12
  • Press
    • 115 x 10
    • 115 x 10
    • 115 x 9
  • Front Plate Raise (tri set)
    • 45 x 12
    • 45 x 8
    • 45 x 8
  • DB Lateral Raise (tri set)
    • 15e X 10
    • 15e X 8
    • 15e X 8
  • Rear Lateral Raise (tri set)
    • 12e X 10
    • 12e X 8
    • 12e X 8