2017-08-08 training log

That went better than expected.

Again, it’s deload week and I’m just working up to my training max. Only need 1 rep but if I’m feeling it I’ll take 3-5 but no more. I must admit, given some of my struggles with squatting lately, I was expecting today would be taking the 1 rep and MAYBE 2 if I was lucky.

But I got 5. I probably could have pushed for 6 and MAYBE eeked a 7th, but 5 was the hard limit.

I’m quite happy with this.

Again, carb consumption isn’t out of control, but improved. I’m betting that helped. šŸ˜‰ Bodyweight hasn’t changed much, but in the mirror I am certainly fuller. And yes, feeling better.

The work up was what it was, no big deal. Just following the protocol and then some light assistance supersets (totally not pushing it, just something). The 250 felt a little heavy but no biggie. The 280 was a little heavy, but also no biggie. Then the 310 just kept going. I didn’t think of “get 5”, I just said “get 1”. Then that felt good, so I could say “get 1”. And I just kept going. Always thinking in terms of “get 1” is a big mental help because it puts you purely in the moment, focused on that 1, and all things into that one. Things work out better.

And I got 5. Very happy. It’s not a PR, but given my progress as of late, it’s quite good. All reps were full, solid, deep.

As well, I found my descents on every rep today to be really good. I wasn’t going slow, but a little more controlled than usual. Everything was very tight. Often my 1 rep feels a little unhappy then the rails are greased and the remaining reps go well, but not today — the first rep always felt good. I want to make sure I keep this sort of cuing and descent.

Anyways, good day. I’m happy.

5/3/1 Prep & Fat Loss Program

Bodyweight: 243

  • Squat – bar x whatever
  • Squat – 125 x 5
  • Crunches – BW x 10
  • Squat – 155 x 5
  • Crunches – BW x 10
  • Squat – 185 x 5
  • Crunches – BW x 10
  • Squat – 215 x 5
  • Neutral-Grip Pull-ups – BW x 3
  • Squat – 250 x 5
  • Neutral-Grip Pull-ups – BW x 3
  • Squat – 280 x 5
  • Neutral-Grip Pull-ups – BW x 3
  • Squat – 310 x 5
  • Neutral-Grip Pull-ups – BW x 3