2017-08-07 training log

I’ve started my shift, and yes I’m happier.

Continuing with inspiration from the new “5/3/1 Forever” book, I’m taking the 7th week protocol deload, tho with a little experimentation. I won’t go over the whole protocol (it’s in the book), but I am taking the deload approach of working up to the training max. However, borrowing from another 7th week variation, I’m allowing myself 3-5 reps on the top set if I’m feeling it. I really only need to go for the single, but if I am feeling good I will go for it. It’s just 3-5 reps, no AMRAP, no rep PR, 3-5 at most. Why? Because I started consuming a “normal” amount of carbs since Friday. A little more on Friday, then generally normal over the weekend but I did enjoy chips and salsa at Saturday’s supper. Then yesterday our fridge went out (great…) so it was pizza. So it was perhaps a little more carbs than normal, but I’m ok with that. I look in the mirror and I am certainly fuller looking — hooray for replenishing glycogen stores. Bodyweight was 243 this morning, so really not much change. So, that’s why I’m allowing myself the 3-5 reps on the top set: let’s see where things are as I carb back up.

Approach was simple. Just work up. The back work was light and superset: press set, immediately do a back exercise, then rest for 2-3 minutes; move to the next. No big deal here, just see what I can see and get some deload-oriented work in, then go home. Well, I did 20 minutes elliptical, and I reckon I’m going to keep that in.

This should help me confirm where things are, where things should be, as I move into a different cycle next week.

So today, 175×5 was good. I haven’t really lost any strength, but I haven’t gained any either.

Back work was just to do something. No big deal. Not trying to push it at all.

5/3/1 Prep & Fat Loss Program

Bodyweight: 243

  • Press – bar x whatever
  • Press -70 x 5
  • Face Pull – 65 x 15
  • Press – 80 x 5
  • Face Pull – 65 x 15
  • Press – 105 x 5
  • Face Pull – 65 x 15
  • Press – 120 x 5
  • Chin-up – BW x 3
  • Press – 140 x 3
  • Chin-up – BW x 3
  • Press – 155 x 1
  • Chin-up – BW x 3
  • Press – 175 x 5
  • Chin-up – BW x 3