2017-07-07 training log

Hopefully today is a good sign.

As expected, today was an ass-kicker, but not as much as the squat day. It wasn’t as physically taxing as squats because squats, but it was taxing because I do hope that I’m getting to a point of depletion so my body will be burning some fat. I’d like to think “how could it not?” given my work has increased (the session, plus cardio) and my food intake has decreased, but the body is a funny thing. It’s been hard because my bodyweight has been up and down all week, but I know to not mind daily changes much. What will be more telling is where I am in a couple weeks.

Still, today I peeded out pretty hard at a couple points. Changing plates on deadlifts takes longer than any lift, so by the time I finished the top set change, I had to start dips and my reps dropped pretty bad. The first rep I just collapsed on because I wasn’t recovered enough so I didn’t have the full-body tightness needed. And I stopped at the reps I did not because my pressing muscles were tired but my whole body trying to maintain the tightness was. I found that interesting. And same on that 1-rep chin-up set — I was just out of gas.

I recovered a bit, but the deadlifts themselves got hard. Again, it’s not a weight that I normally have issue with, but boy… just didn’t have it in me.

So I am hoping that running out of gas here is a fair signal that 1. the workload is high, 2. the calories are low (enough) and I should start to see some impacts to my bodyweight here soon.

Next week is a “5’s” week, so in theory it’s an easier week. ha ha ha. We’ll see about that. 🙂 But it will be good to see how my body is adapting to the work. So far yes, I am hating all of this (the gym sessions, the cardio, the restricted diet), but I know where I want to be — and it’s only 5 more weeks. 😉

5/3/1 Prep & Fat Loss Program

Bodyweight: 245
Rest Period (seconds): 90

  • Deadlift – 165 x 5
  • Crunches – BW x 20
  • Deadlift – 205 x 5
  • Crunches – BW x 20
  • Deadlift – 250 x 5
  • Crunches – BW x 20
  • Deadlift – 290 x 5
  • Dips – BW x 13
  • Deadlift – 330 x 5
  • Chin-up – BW x 4
  • Deadlift – 375 x 5
  • Dips – BW x 8
  • Deadlift – 290 x 5
  • Chin-up BW x 1
  • Deadlift – 290 x 5
  • Push-ups – BW x 20
  • Deadlift – 290 x 5
  • Inverted Row – BW x 12
  • Deadlift – 290 x 5
  • Push Ups – BW x 16
  • Deadlift – 290 x 5
  • Inverted Row – BW x 10