Teach them not to rape? Water control?

Three teens were arrested for breaking into the home of a young mother in Georgia — where they stunned her with Tasers, scalded her with boiling water and raped her in front of one of her sons, police said.

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If you want the full, vile, horrid details of what these animals did, click through and read the full story.

But really, the one sentence is all you need.

Imagine if that young mother was your wife/spouse/girlfriend/partner.

Your daughter.

Your Mother.


What is the solution for such things?

Teach them not to rape?

Boiling water control? Ban water? Ban pots and stoves?

Seriously. I’m seriously wondering.

I’m not saying the answer is “guns”. What I am saying is, evil people will do evil things – they will find a way – don’t underestimate the creativity of people intent on doing evil.

When someone next proposes a way to “stop crime” or “reduce violence”, consider if it will actually do any good – I mean, real good, not just feeling good and “doing something” (or that will only abridge the law-abiding and have zero impact – or even empower – the criminal). I’m only interested in solutions that will actually work.