2017-04-24 training log

Nose bleed while squatting – achievement unlocked?

Yup. Squatting, then I feel something running out of my nose, then the distincting taste of blood. Alas, it’d mean more if this had been achieved under some heavy load, but it was nothing glorious. I had blown my nose to breathe better, and I guess while doing so I popped a bloos vessel. So, nothing glamorous. 🙂

In fact, the whole session was nothing glamourous.

I just felt off with every rep. Not getting depth, falling forward, all sorts of things. 😦

Top set, 4th rep, and I just racked it. Every rep had some problem with it, so I just racked it. As soon as I did tho, I felt I should have at least gone for the 5th rep and tried to push through.

Did pause squats because I needed that reinforcement: hit depth, clearly. It was good work. But after that, just packed up and went home.

Why? Not sure. I did have a LONG day teaching on Saturday, and spent most of Sunday sleeping/resting; so maybe I’m still just off from that. I also did have my mind on some other things, so that probably played a part as well.

Not the best day, but it’s a day. Moving on.

  • Squats
    • bar x whatever
    • 140 x 5
    • 175 x 5
    • 210 x 3
    • 245 x 3
    • 280 x 3
    • 315 x 4
  • Pause Squat
    • 245 x 5
    • 245 x 5
    • 245 x 5

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