Sunday Metal – L.A. Guns

L.A. Guns is probably considered a 2nd or 3rd tier “hair metal” band, but that doesn’t really do them justice. Tracii Guns is a phenominal guitar player (and he’s the “Guns” in “Guns n’ Roses”), and Phil Lewis has a unique, signature voice. The songs they put out were of course “of the day”, but I always thought the songwriting was a cut above despite not reaching the top heights of commercial success.

In the years since there’s been a lot of drama and even 2 versions of the band running around. But it seems Tracii and Phil are back together touring as L.A. Guns because let’s face it — they are the sound of the band.

Here’s some excellent live footage recorded from a show in Houston on Feb. 23 of one of my favorite L.A. Guns songs, “Never Enough” (along with some guitar humor from Tracii)