Why aren’t you training with Cecil Burch?

This coming weekend (Feb. 18-19, 2017), KR Training is hosting Cecil Burch for 2 1-day courses:

Cecil Burch will offer two 1-day classes in his Immediate Action Ju-Jitsu program. Day 1 will teach skills relevant to standing up conflicts. Day 2 will teach skills relevant to ground fighting. Students can attend either or both days. Completion of Day 1 is not required to attend Day 2.

The objective is to provide attendees who have limited training time and resources with solid ground survival and escape fundamentals geared toward the increasingly violent weapon based environments they may live, work and/or travel within. And all techniques/concepts are from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and are combat proven over the past 80 years by thousands of practitioners, including the U.S. Army.

The Immediate Action Jiu-Jitsu course is designed to give the layman a realistic and functional set of concepts, techniques, methodologies, training drills and experiences that will prepare them for a worst case “ground-fight” scenario. All techniques and concepts are high percentile applications which span a wide spectrum of confrontations. Training consists of presentation, drilling and Force-On-Force evolutions providing attendees with immediate feedback regarding the efficacy of the skills learned.

If you don’t know who Cecil Burch is, click through to read his lengthy resumé.

Due to some life changes back in Fall 2016, I made it one of my 2017 goals to get more training in “other” areas. It’s been some time since I did any formal empty-hand study, and when I saw Cecil on the guest instructor list for 2017 I couldn’t pass up the chance to train with him.

Why aren’t you signed up for the class?

If it’s because you’re out of shape, do you think your need for these skills is going to wait until you are in shape?

Karl’s also offering some sign-up deals on the class. And note that it’s 2 1-day classes: you can come for one or the other.

Sign up now!

And see you this weekend.

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