Sunday Metal – Tesla

Tesla “Caught in a Dream”

One of my favorite songs, because of the message:

Forget color, forget race, and just be one big happy face
Among this sea of people, live among God’s creatures, sharing love
That was sent down from above, here to share with one another
Father, brother, sister, mother, everybody sharing love, sharing love

I’m caught up in a dream, I’m gonna wish for it all
No one’s gonna tell me how, no way, this is my dream now
I’m caught up in what seems simply impossible
I ain’t gonna change a thing, no way, it’s my dream, this is my dream

I close my eyes and everything will be alright
Here in my fantasy, living in harmony
Make my dream come alive

Be love.

A new year is upon us.

And I ain’t gonna change a thing. Because THIS is my dream.

Make this dream come alive in 2017.

Share love.