Sunday Metal – Judas Priest

What better way to get back to metal than with the metal gods themselves, Judas Priest!

“Halls of Valhalla” from the “Battle Cry” DVD.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Metal – Judas Priest

  1. Judas Priest is one of my all time favorite metal bands. My favorite song is Old School. Diamonds and Rust.

    John, you might not be able to picture it, but when I was in my 20’s I had long hair, wore black t-shirts, jeans and boots… Oh how the mighty have fallen…. 😀

    • Pics or it didn’t happen. 😉

      I too love D&R – probably more than the original Joan Baez version. And while I love some of the older renditions, I really love this more “modern” version that JP did:

  2. Awesome version. You sir have magnificent taste in Metal.

    As to pics… Nope. I do not allow photos to be taken of me. The last person that tried… Well, let’s just say I might know where the body is…. 😀

    • Good music is good music.

      And fine… no pictures. I’ll just say, I don’t understand why people need to cut their hair. 😉

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